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1995 fleetwood slipping in drive and overdrive help please

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Hey guys i have a 1995 fleetwood with the 350 lt1 port injection and 4L60E transmission well the other day it started slipping in drive and overdrive fluid levels are correct i went thru the gears manually with the car hot and cold and gears are fine till i get too drive and overdrive help please

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I don't know whether the Fleetwood would read out OBD codes from the A/C buttons like the Seville, Deville and Eldorado. If not, stop by an Autozone and get the codes read. When you have them, post them here. They will tell whether there is an electrical or solenoid problem.

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I'm not sure if there would be a code set for the transmission but it's worth checking. How many miles on the car?

Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and WARMER side of the temp rocker. After the segment check, -00 will be displayed. That is the "pointer". Pressing OUTSIDE TEMP will toggle between the pointer and the trouble code. Use the FAN UP/DN to increment/decrement the pointer.

Pointers -00 thru -04 contain the trouble codes. Current codes are two digits and history codes have three digits with a "1" as the first digit. The second and third digits are the trouble code. For example 32 would be a current code and 132 would be the same code although a history code.

Pointer # Parameter Display Range Default value

-00 ECM Trouble Codes

-01 CCM Trouble codes

-02 ECC Trouble codes

-03 SIR (Airbag) trouble Codes

-04 ABS/TCS Trouble Codes

-05 Program number 0-255

-06 Commanded blower motor spd 0-128

-12 Vehicle speed in MPH

-16 Sun load sensor assy 200+ = Dark 240

150- = light

-17 Current temp. valve position 0-255

-19 Temp valve pos. (full hot) 180-250 180

-20 Temp valve pos. (full cold) 5-60 60

-21 Coolant temperature degrees C 90

-22 Commanded temp valve pos. 0-255

-24 Air delivery mode 0-7

-25 Inside air temp sens Value increases as temp. decreases

-28 Outside air temp asm Value increases as temp. decreases

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