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  1. disconnect the mass air flow sensor and try running the cart. I suspect you have a wiring issue to the iac or a bad pcm
  2. I can't remember base timing on those with the aldl plugged in 6 degrees with the engine warm. Those balancers have a tendency to move spin a bit so you never know where you are timing wise.
  3. Pull the wire off the ignition coil and look for chalking on the coil tower too!
  4. Unplug the EGR valve and see what happens. I remember a TSB for replacing the EGR valve and a pcm reflash.
  5. check the red wire on the alternator connector. That wire breaks and will cause a no charge.
  6. innova 3340 meter is decent for a situation like this. You need to see what kind of amp draw is being pulled.
  7. I will send you some info tomorrow to start a parasitic draw test . This is what happens with these older cars over time 15 plus years .
  8. low a/c freon ao46 present? lCear the codes in the ac module through dash and try that.. Might need freon .
  9. Yes but the pump is now on those years 06-11 bolted on the back side the the crossover has to be removed
  10. What year ? 06-11 they changed the waterpump design an removing the entire pump housing ! It’s bolted to the back side .