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  1. You might have a couple clogged fuel injectors due to sitting.
  2. Do you lose heat as the car is driving, idling? Do you have heat and then a cold air pocket?
  3. Your probably going to need a bcm, located behind the glovebox on top of the heater core box
  4. Pull the spark plug wires off the ignition coil towers. Look for rust on the towers.
  5. Not control valve for the 4.9 just a tee. Does the heat have cold pockets? How many miles ?
  6. If you want I can do that job for you.. It's involved

  7. From what I remember I had a couple of these jobs back in the day. The is a pinhole that forms in the back of the water pump outlet housing , the black piece that is behind the timing cover, the piece the lower radiator mounts too. It's a job indeed!
  8. Those pipes are long gone! discontinued!! check in CA
  9. barczy01

    Stiff Shifter 1997 Deville

    There is a ball in socket type joint on top of the column that dries out and needs lubricated. Drop the black hush panel, pull the second panel out that covers the topside underneath of the column and then the thin piece of metal held in by 4 7mm bolts. Finally, the column drops down with removal of 4 13mm bolts. The ball and socket joint is on the top side. Your sway bar links up front might be the culprit for the noise over bumps.
  10. dorman 911-010 intake plenum. the boot is cracked
  11. barczy01

    Mailbag: stop engine low oil pressure

    Well for starters check your oil level. Is the engine noisy? You might just have an oil pressure switch saturated with oil internally. (common problem.)
  12. barczy01

    1996 Deville Bad Instrument Cluster

    Look on eBay for 1996-99 pic cluster repair. The prom under the pcm cover is called the knock sensor
  13. Check the ground stud and bracket by the starter. Problems with ECM that year if its PFI.
  14. 1993 and 1994 were good years for the northstar because they were still using the green coolant. But being a 25 year old car you might have some bugs.
  15. 750 quadrajet... you can swap oil pan if its an issue.
  16. I believe the oil pan on the eldo will be different being its a front wheel drive car.
  17. They call that the main ground stud and bracket. Dealer only
  18. ?? There is no reprogram.. you can fix this yourself.. Look on pass key vats bypass on youtube or google it.
  19. The wires in the ignition lock cylinder were a problem and would break. If you can, ohm out the key and get a reading. I can mail you a resistor pack or I can show you how to make one. I always bypassed the lock cylinder and wired it up under the column.
  20. different heads on 93 to early 95 engines.
  21. check the red wire on the alternator, they were prone to breaking. The wire will feed into a bulk connector on the lf framerail underneath the darth vadar black plastic cover.
  22. barczy01

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    Do both of the cooling fans come on as soon as the AC is switched on?
  23. barczy01

    TPS and ICM Question

    96-99 all models will work.
  24. Every head gasket job I do I actually drill out the hollow bolt and it's always filled with crud. Alot of times the metal line on the 93-99 northstars are clogged! Always check the air purge line.
  25. Sorry but these engines will not interchange.