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99 Deville Dashboard goes blank with exceptions.

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Last night, my Caddy's instrument panel went blank with the expection of the PRNDL and the side panels when I put the car in park at work. I turned off the engine (it may have turned off the same time as the panel went dark) and restarted the engine and the panel went back to normal.

This morning, when I got home, I stopped at my home and put the car in park when I needed to get out and open the gate. The panel went out again (with the same exceptions) but this time I knew the engine also stopped running. I was able to restart the car and everything went back to normal.

I have a feeling this will happen again when I go to work tonight. Any clues as to why this happens?


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check your battery terminals.

If the battery terminals are good and it still occurs you may have a bad ground somewhere or a bad ignition.


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It happened again this morning, I put the car in park and the IP went dark. (I made an error in my opening post. Only the PRNDL stayed lit, nothing else.) and the engine died.

I doubt it is the ignition but I'm thinking bad ground. Or at least something electrical. I've had issues with the electrical system before. Last year, the car kept losing power when not in use and found out later that a couple of relays blew and ended up having them replaced. Then earlier this year, the DRL malfunctioned and stayed on even with the car turned off and the key removed. As a stopgap measure I simply removed the fuse. Now this.

Oh yeah, the only thing I had turned on when the glitch happened each time I put the car in park were the headlights and heater. But when I some shopping not to long ago, I didn't need to use the headlights nor the heater, and the glitch did not happen.

Does this help?

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Would the codes only show if the engine light goes on? The engine light on mine did not go on.

I have my own scanner, so I'll check to see if there's any codes just in case.

Use the buttons on the dash to pull the codes.... the car will show a lot more than most scanners can pick up.

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Have paper and pen ready!

Turn ign to ON. (No need to start)

Press "off" and "warmer" simultaneously until the dash lights up.

Note the codes as they light up in the display. Also write down if the codes are "Current" or "History".

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B2470... OnStar Antenna not connected

B2477...Reverse Lamp Relay Shorted to Ground

U1000...Network communication error... possibly related to OnStar antenna

U1255...Network communication error

P1599...Engine Stall Or Near Stall Detected

P0172...System Too Rich Bank 1

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It's beginning to look like the dash brightness problem is a Twilight Sentinel thing. The codes show things that need to be addressed, though.

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