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  1. Guess the upper dash pad is held by ONE skrew inside each vent and by the pads on A-pillars? Anything else?
  2. @OldCadTech I hear the sound comeing from Hazard Warning Switch in the center of the dash so I ask again: What is the right way to get to that one? Thru a vent or do I need to pull the radio or......?
  3. @OldCadTech Ehh..... This is the 2002 STS - just like yours.
  4. @OldCadTech Thanks OCT. I guess T-signal flasher = Hazard? What is the right way to get it out?
  5. @barczy01 @OldCadTech @BodybyFisher and others. Hmmm....... Can not find anything wrong at the tail lights. But, the problem only occurs when the car is cold. When warm it works alright. If I avoid using the indicators until it has warmed up (inside) it works fine on first attempt.
  6. Det finns en (av två) kontakt på bromspedalen och en solenoid vid spaken som styr funktionen. Kan räcka med rengöring men troligen är det dags för byte på någon av dessa.
  7. Finally back. New hub and new wires. Works fine. Thanks for Your responce guys! New problem: Turn indicator L+R works on and off. When not it just lights up, constant light. Bad switch? Bad relay? If so, where is it located? By the collumn or in hazard switch or......?
  8. @BodybyFisher No. Haven´t got around to it. (Rebuilding the roof on my house.....)
  9. The numbers are just a part of the link - got nothing to do with the part itself. All of them fit. Just different makes.
  10. The speed sensor fault has developed to constant. From the begining it only occured when wet. Was gone after 1-2 days dry. Had my mecanic to check hub and joints. Everything ok. Is the sensor still no 1 suspect or .......?