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  1. Wow, necropost…. Yes, I did buy it and drowe it for maybe one year. Then sold to Finland. Nice picture above! BTW. My -90 Eldo is a Biarritz and has the same feature.
  2. Thanks BbF! Since this came on during stand still I guess it is oxide? May take a while before I get to do this - winter now.😉
  3. @BodybyFisher No, can´t find it. It is a -90 Eldo Biarritz, 4,5
  4. Maybe I missunderstod but You can NOT solder in resistor AND keep the switch connected,
  5. I dont think that 80% means volume! Check on dipstick before its to late!
  6. I have never been to Hollywood. Only seen pics. Generally the engine breake is enough. As long as the engine/tranny can hold or reduce speed - foot of the acc - no reason to shift down!
  7. I guess there has never been a failiure on the Eldo windows? Good quality!!!😉
  8. Good morning! Thanks for the effort! No use for the moment. Someone beat me to it....😥
  9. No no no.... Missunderstanding. Guess it´s my bad. No problem with the pump. I ment that the window unit is of "single lift arm" type. (It´s like a half sissor). No tape on the Eldorado!!!!
  10. Been scaning the web for info but still a little bit confused. Is this the "tape" version or not??? If it is I guess the tape is broken and needs to be replaced. Need to know before I open it to order parts in advance. Found out from the repair manual. Single lift arm design. Unfortunatly poor figures in the manual. What could possebly go wrong here???