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  1. New alternator in. Noice gone!😎 But… One down and new one shows its uggly face.😕 Tested the windows. Driver side worked just fine, passenger side came down about 2 inch and then… WHAM!!! It fell all the way to the bottom. Wtf happened? Guess I´ll have to open up the door all the way but don´t know what to expect???? BTW, I´ve got "service code 37" and "restraint 37" in DIC. Can not find this in the service manual. Anyone?
  2. Alternator orderd but it take weeks in the mail... No luck regarding the other parts and no, there are no Eldos in the scrapyards.
  3. ….. but maybe not "taken care of". Some faults may come and go. Some are only current for a short moment. Some vill be current for a few days even if they are not present. Have You read the codes before? If not: Clear all. Check again. History codes gone? Check again after the next trip and after a few days (driven daily).
  4. BTW since I´m shopping for parts.... Anyone who knows if gaskets for sunroof is still availeable? Roof lining? Lock for glove compartment?
  5. Finally got to removing the alternator. The humming sound ended when disconnecting the multicontact. Check with voltmeter in contact gave as follow: P = Not used L = 4,6 mV F = 1,5 mV S = ~ around 100mV Ignition off, battery connected. I initially belived that someone had mounted the wrong alternator but I don´t know enuff about the alternator to understand what´s wrong. Please help.
  6. http://cadillacpartspeople.com/product/Seville/1998/Protectors/Splash Guards - GM Logo
  7. Thnx! I´ve been looking too but only found them in Russia….. It´s no reason to hurry. It´s for a car I may buy that didn´t pass inspection.
  8. @rockfangd Do You by any chance have the messurements for theese bushings? Since they are no longer availeable I guess you would have to make your own….
  9. I may have missed some details but…. Has it been garaged for a long time? Breake linings stuck to rotors? If so it should go away after hard use.
  10. It´s for sure the alternator. Guess it has been replaced with the wrong substitute. Can anyone confirm the partnumber and what it will take to fix? From what I´ve learned two of the four lines should change places? The alternator must come out since you can not even see the connector under there.
  11. The sound is like a mosquito but absolutly constant for a week or more now. Somewere close to or below the alternator. ??????