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  1. Thanks BbF! Since this came on during stand still I guess it is oxide? May take a while before I get to do this - winter now.😉
  2. @BodybyFisher No, can´t find it. It is a -90 Eldo Biarritz, 4,5
  3. Maybe I missunderstod but You can NOT solder in resistor AND keep the switch connected,
  4. I dont think that 80% means volume! Check on dipstick before its to late!
  5. I have never been to Hollywood. Only seen pics. Generally the engine breake is enough. As long as the engine/tranny can hold or reduce speed - foot of the acc - no reason to shift down!
  6. I guess there has never been a failiure on the Eldo windows? Good quality!!!😉
  7. Good morning! Thanks for the effort! No use for the moment. Someone beat me to it....😥
  8. No no no.... Missunderstanding. Guess it´s my bad. No problem with the pump. I ment that the window unit is of "single lift arm" type. (It´s like a half sissor). No tape on the Eldorado!!!!
  9. Been scaning the web for info but still a little bit confused. Is this the "tape" version or not??? If it is I guess the tape is broken and needs to be replaced. Need to know before I open it to order parts in advance. Found out from the repair manual. Single lift arm design. Unfortunatly poor figures in the manual. What could possebly go wrong here???
  10. New alternator in. Noice gone!😎 But… One down and new one shows its uggly face.😕 Tested the windows. Driver side worked just fine, passenger side came down about 2 inch and then… WHAM!!! It fell all the way to the bottom. Wtf happened? Guess I´ll have to open up the door all the way but don´t know what to expect???? BTW, I´ve got "service code 37" and "restraint 37" in DIC. Can not find this in the service manual. Anyone?
  11. Alternator orderd but it take weeks in the mail... No luck regarding the other parts and no, there are no Eldos in the scrapyards.
  12. ….. but maybe not "taken care of". Some faults may come and go. Some are only current for a short moment. Some vill be current for a few days even if they are not present. Have You read the codes before? If not: Clear all. Check again. History codes gone? Check again after the next trip and after a few days (driven daily).