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wipers not working properly. 1996 Deville.


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Hi all. Lately the wipers have been acting up on my Deville,

Kind of hard to explain but when you put the switch on anything but high they dont work,

When you put it on high they just go up about 2 inches and go back down, it will keep doing it til you take it off high.

I have sold it and would like to fix them before it goes.

I might add that the wash doesnt work either.

Fuse is good. Doesnt appear to be corroded.

Any tips? This is the first time I have had one do this.


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The 1997 FSM pages 8E-6, 7, and 8 involve checking fuses, voltages, wiring and connectors. Things that are fixed or changed at branches of the troubleshooting chart include:

  • Replace or repair wiper transmission assembly.
  • Wiper motor cover assembly.
  • Wiper motor assembly.
  • Wiper/washer switch assembly.
  • Accessory relay.

Since you see some movement on HIGH, I would check the wiper transmission assembly for binding first. If the wiper motor is getting power in both high speed (PPL wire) and low speed (YEL wire) - which is essentially checking out the switch - and freeing up the wiper transmission assembly doesn't do it, then it's time to look at the wiper motor cover assembly. The wiper motor is the last thing to replace.

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I replaced a wiper motor cover for a friend of mine that used to have a 1993 Seville. The wipers would not park and following the diagnostic charts in the shop manual led me to replace the wiper motor cover which fixed the problem.

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