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04'Deville uses no oil.....and no smoke ??

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I have a 04'Deville with 2400 miles on the oil change.I bought it two mo.ago it now has 74,000 mi. on it is there something wrong with my engine its a NS granny owned and NS's I hear are supposed to consume some oil. The color of the oil is still an amber color. It isn't using any oil, the oil level hasnt moved. Thank you

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I find if you do alot of highway driving it uses less.

If you do alot of short starts and city driving it will be more.

If yours is using none, keep doing it right lol


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The pistons and rings were revised for the 2000 model year which greatly reduced the oil consumption.

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All cars use some oil. The design maximum for GM cars for a lot of years has been a quart every 2000 miles at a maximum. I believe that if a car in warranty burns a quart every 1000 miles it qualifies for warranty work.

My experience with my 1997 ETC was that it never needed oil between changes (was never more than a quart below the Full mark on the dipstick), which was typically 6,000 to 10,000 miles, except for a short period when I found that it was being serviced with cheap oil.

My experience with the CTS-V is that the oil level never moves on the dip stick.

Modern cars with engines designed since about 1992 use steel liners that have a factory honing scheme that is very carefully designed to leave a cross-hatch pattern that gives engine oil a place to be when the piston rings wipe the bores. This cross hatch pattern is carefully designed so that the amount of oil per square cm of area is matched to the requirements of the piston rings. This cross-hatching does not wear significantly and lasts the life of the car, which can be 300,000 miles or more. Your neighborhood machine shop probably cannot reproduce this cross-hatching accurately.

The variables are the piston rings and the engine oil. If you stick to what the manufacturer recommends (usually 10W-30 good quality dino oil or 5W-30 or 10W-30 synthetic, check your owner's manual), the ring lands, rings, and cylinder walls will provide good sealing and long wear with just enough oil left in the cross-hatching for everything to work according to plan. Some of the oil will circulate to the combustion chamber and be burned. Often this is not a noticeable amount, but, it can be as much as a quart every 2000 miles for some cars and some driving conditions.

The most common problem that causes higher rates of oil burning is stuck rings.

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