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WorldofVee: I Bought an ELR, And It Was Cheaper Than You'd Think It Was

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Like I mentioned before, I wasn't the target audience for an ELR nor was I even remotely considering an ELR. I thought it was what all of you thought it was, an overpriced Volt. I mean come on! It shares the same drive train! The DRIVE TRAIN! That must mean it's the same exact car right? Surely there's no way it's any different or better or worth the price? Well, I wouldn't pay 75 thousand dollars for one, but that's because I'm the type of person who'd rather buy a couple projects and tune them. But believe me, this car is worth every freaking penny.

Read more: http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/so-i-bought-an-elr-and-it-was-cheaper-than-youd-think-1607881649


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I'd say only a 'fair' review; it worked out for him. I also think it is gorgeous (interior and exterior) but I think he biased his numbers (again, it worked for him) but really 10 grand of that price was on the 'backs' of the tax payers (not saying it's wrong, just saying it skewed the numbers). And I'm pretty sure Cadillac didn't 'want' to have to throw out so much incentive. Still too expensive in my opinion. Cadillac should have offered the ELR somewhere around 60 grand (and up, with some of the current options offered), went for a little better volume and made a statement. Again, JMO.


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The article starts out by saying that it's *exactly* the same drive train as a Volt, and I'm not sure that he ever said differently in the article. The ELR uses a different design point - the motors have a higher maximum torque, and thus are different, for one.

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