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1997 Eldorado Headlights in the Dark.


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Greetings all. Im here out of desperation. 1997 Elderado - first the hi/lo relay melted itself and the under hood relay terminal. Lights would not go out. replaced that fine, and the lights work with new relays for about a month, then relays fry. Now the low beams are out, and new relay does not help. Healight bulbs replaced. Nothing. I have hi beam (fro now) but no low beams.

This is getting old and tiring.

Not sure the car is worth it. Replaced the motor after owning it for a week. Has 60,000 miles on it.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!

Ron Z

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You need a wiring diagram to troubleshoot the problem. A factory service manual for a 15 year old car is a must. If the headlights worked before replacing the engine, then something happened to the wiring when the engine was replaced.

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It does sound like a damaged wiring harness. Start by running the OBD codes and posting them here.

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maybe the new engine has 60k miles and the car has more miles? a 97 eldo with 60k miles sounds like it would be in good shape.

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definately pull codes. turn ignition on. hold off and warmer buttons at the climate control for 3 seconds. everything will lamp check and then the codes will display system by stem at the instrument panel.

I would definately say it should be worth it. especially if you took the time and money to have the engine replaced. Also just curious what was wrong with the old engine? overheating?


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