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  1. I saw an 03 Sts for $1800. Seller said it had new struts. Car is in ok shape. Needs nothing. Too bad it has non-oem struts.
  2. Hmm, my car has 4 brake pistons. The ats-v has 20
  3. What's wrong with your motor? Your heads are good since you mention swapping them. Is it bottom end issues? Hole in block? Bad crank?
  4. My 96 had green corrosion on the crimp connection on the wire pigtail which plugged into the elec motor. It was only visible when fuel pump assy was removed from tank. I tested the pump and it worked fine. Than I threw it away. After 12 yrs, time for a new pump. That 6-8yrs ago? Hard to believe 18 yr old elec fuel pumps still work. But they do.
  5. Run the scenario. Car dies. Check fuel pressure. Crank motor, no start. Are plugs wet? Injectors are firing. Are plugs firing?
  6. Try a new shop. Or dealer. Can u get a refund on battery or alternator? I think ur mechanic owes you an explanation. Unless its a family member.
  7. I worked on a cars cooling system and got a 0303 code after I was finished. Not a caddy. I got a different coil and engine runs fine. Coils do die on occasion
  8. My son has white Infiniti sedan. BF Had black one, 08 model. Says black looks cool. Till yesterday. He has a white 2012 model now. We are going to car show tomorrow. I can check out its ride.
  9. Does tire droop when u jack up rear? I see there is a $70 fe1 strut and a $250 fe1 strut and a $500 fe3 strut for 06. Something about awd strut vs non-awd strut cars.
  10. I think adding coolant when low coolant light comes on is not being anal. But, a newly purchased car which requires 1 gal of coolant in 10 days time is not good.
  11. I walked by a DTS platinum at the store yesterday. In the handicapped spot of course. Not sure if it had a sim conv top.
  12. 56 was odd yr? Should have restored a 55 or 57 instead if it would have been easier to source parts
  13. "water" is gone? U did add antifreeze back? It's at proper concentration? Or are you adding straight water in a quick attempt to get something in system? Get new rad cap. Verify purge line is flowing. Use proper coolant concentration. If you are spewing 1-2 gals of fluid, ur surge tank area is wet. Perhaps surge tank has crack which is not letting system pressurize and leading to boiling over.
  14. Ton of work. I see they used donor limo to start with. I assume limo body from windshield forward was mostly unchanged? Don't know '34 era caddy styling.
  15. If your 15yr old car has never had a trans overhaul, than I would stick with dex 3 if u can find it. If it has been recently rebuilt, ? It might work better with dex6. But what did the shop put in when they rebuilt it recently? Sort of a sideways comment. The number of members here with 94-97 cars is getting thin. Most 99 cars have motor issues, not trans issues.
  16. Well, your comment of not paying $9k and <100k miles for a 05 or newer STS might be difficult to achieve. Also, if u compare 97 deville floaty body, roomy interior to 06 Sts, small interior, tight suspension u may be disappointed. U need to drive a 06 Sts and get a feel for it
  17. 04 was last year of FWD Seville. The DTS continued on. So u can find a newer, more expensive FWD caddy if you wish. What is your main factor? Low miles? Price?
  18. What city? Cold is relative. Did u use delco plugs and plug wires? I assume original plugs were the delco plat tip plugs?
  19. Saw a lease for a new Bentley. $10k down, $2500/mo. After 3 yrs u have dropped 100k in value. A lease is depreciation, plain and simple. I look at is an easy way to measure any cars loss in value. Or 1% per month.
  20. No thermostat is almost always a sign of overheating issues. What else would it signify? Thank ur stars ur car is not overheating after installing thermostat.
  21. Our local fleet/farm has 1100 different fluids for sale. Literally dozens of hydraulic fluids, and auto fluids as well. They sell univ auto trans fluid for $2/gal. I suppose a casual observer might say this stuff barely meets the specs of so and so? So, WHAT brand of car is this stuff made for? I assume it's GM? Ford stuff is different. Chrysler is different. It's certainly not Honda/Toyota fluid. So, someone actually makes this stuff. And everyone here says its stupid to use it?
  22. What's the difference between Walmart dex6 and dealer dex6?
  23. 11 hrs and several gas stops and 1-2 food stops? Wow. I could not be in car for 11 hrs with my wife.
  24. Was out for walk the other day and a new xts drove by. I was at corner and car turned in front of me so it was braking. I really noticed the large gap between top of tire and fender lip. What seemed odd was the gap on front and rear tires. Made car almost look like a suv. Anyone else notice this?
  25. Fpr diaphragm can rupture. I believe this allows fuel to be sucked thru vacuum hose. Will a totally failed Fpr suck lots of fuel into intake? Unplug Fpr vacuum hose and see what motor does.
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