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Following a good washing & drying, I placed a very small amount of goo gone on a white towel cloth & I went over a few areas of the car (around the wheel wells, and under the drivers door). Seems there were small unnoticeable speckles of tar & stuff that were removed. I felt resistance and roughness when I started, now it's nice & smooth, and after, it has a much nicer shine to it. I also tried this on the plastic chrome molding that's all around the car, and on the headlights, trim, and emblems. Seems that tar residue is all over. I was shocked at all that was on the car - even following a thorough washing. It also really gets the white walls clean. It cleans out the grease that get's between the chrome wheels, and doesn't remove that dull grey paint.

The tar & "stuff" on the bottom portion of the finish itself took up a large portion of the towel & turned it brown or black. I used pre-cleaner in the past & that advertises to remove oxidation. I don't believe I have any of that, so I didn't see much benefit.

I did this about 10 years ago too, and there were no long term affects.

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Good to hear it worked out for you. Remember it is a solvent so keep it away from moldings held on with double sticky tape or other areas using adhesive; a damp cloth shouldn't present any problems as long as it isn't dripping where it isn't supposed to be.


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I think Goo Gone is a petroleum product and most likely leaves an oily residue. Rub a little between your fingers and see. It's probably a good bug & tar remover, but will likely attract dirt. I'd wash it after using it.

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if you like goo gone try 3m adhesive remover. amazing stuff! Safe for paint

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