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  1. Yeah,its just cosmetic and they charge about $15 more for the black one.I dont quite get the "cosmetic" thing,even with the hood open you cant see it.Guess which one is going on the back if it goes south?
  2. Went to the mechanic,he confirmed it was the coil,no charge,I tipped him $40.Went and got the coil and all is well again.
  3. Thats what I thought but I wasnt sure if the cassettes were interchangeable.When I looked at the parts at rockauto they are two different parts for the front and back so I didnt think they were.I'm limited to what I can do at this point,physically.Just got over hand surgery and had surgery on my shoulder a couple weeks ago and am having an MRI tomorrow to see if I need surgery on the elbow.All from a motorcycle crash last October.I have to take it to the mechanic tomorrow after the MRI.Hope its just the coil or fuel injector and nothing worse.
  4. Changed out the four spark plug boots,no good.Its off to the mechanic,waiting for a call back from him.
  5. Okay,heres where I'm at today.Had no time to mess with the car today,but I did buy four new spark plug boot caps and I will install them tomorrow.I had a similar problem in the past,engine stumbling,misfire,P0300 on the DIC.I took it to a mechanic and it turned out to be a dry,cracked boot plug on one of the rear cylinders.At the time he told me it could either be the coil pack or a boot.I got lucky.He only changed the 4 on the back of the engine,so I'm going on the premis that the front boot caps are bad.My scan tool indicates cylinder #4 which is on the front,is misfiring.I figure even if it
  6. I went directly to the scan tool to check.It showed P0304 Cylinder 4 misfire detected.That is the only code the scan tool shows.When Bruce asked about the OBD codes I went back and checked and the only current code was P0300 it didnt show P0304.Not sure offhand what the 3 letter codes were before the codes.I believe the "B" codes were AMP,I'll have to check tomorrow. I originally thought it might be something with the coils,I had a similar problem that turned out to be a cracked boot on one of the coils.I didnt have the scan tool at that time so I dont know what the codes were then.When I s
  7. The only current code is P0300.History codes are C1225, C1228, B1004, B1009, P0463, P1617, P1633, U1016, U1132.
  8. I've always gotten excellent advice here,so I'm back with another question.Engine is running rough.Service engine warning is flashing.Scan tool shows "P0304 CYL 4 Misfire detected" When I check the freeze frame it shows "Fuel SYS1 OL-Fault" and "Fuel SYS2 OL-Fault?" I'm thinking bad fuel injector on cylinder #4 Am I on the right track? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I had the same problem,but I was luckier,it turned out to be a split in the boot causing moisture to cause the misfire.
  10. I had a single cylinder misfire and it turned out to be a crack in the boot on the coil,moisture got into the crack in the boot and caused the misfire.I would think a crack in the coil itself would cause a problem.
  11. Heres how it all ended up.In my last post I mentioned the window switches failing momentarily,well it went to an intermittent stage for 2 days and then outright failed.None of the switches for the windows and mirrors were working.Took the switch panel out and took it apart and there was a lot of road salt residue inside.I drive with the window open and have on occasion gotten a lot of road salt running down the inside door panel,most recently a couple days before all this started.So I changed the switch panel and all is good.I'm not sure the door locking thing is related as I tried draining th
  12. Just an update,last 2 days car was fine except one little "hiccup".While driving yesterday the window switches in the driver door panel went dead momentarily,just a couple of seconds and then went back to normal.I'm gonna try Texas Jims suggestion of discharging the caps.Have to look up all the "re-learn procedures" and wait till it stops snowing and dig out of the new snowfall.I am pretty sure,as I said earlier,this problem is related to all the moisture/freezing in the trunk.Think its supposed to get up near 50 degs next week,I'll get a chance to really dry things out then.
  13. Thanks for that Jim,I had disconnected the neg cable,but I'll try draining the caps as you describe,makes sense.I did disable the seat memory function,but I will have to look up the window express up learn procedure.Right now I'm in a hold pattern.When I used the car today,it didnt malfunction at all,made a couple of stops running around for an hour and a half or so and it was quiet.I am going with the moisture in a connection somewherethere was a lot of dampness in there from throwing the wet shovelin there after digging the car out 2 or 3 times in the past month or so.It was extremely cold t
  14. Where is the main lock switch on the driver door?If I have to remove the door liner,it aint gonna happen any time soon.The car is on top of and surrounded by ice.After the last big snow,we had a day of sleet and freezing rain,turning the piles plowed along the street to solid ice.Anyways,I dug out the user manual when I went to clear the fresh snow from yesterday off the car.There is a way to disable the auto lock/open feature.I will get to that a little later.While I was clearing the snow,the symptom didnt happen.I unlocked it and it stayed open.I am wondering if it is a problem related to a
  15. The drivers door switch stopped working last spring,the back door switches were probably not used since I got the car,nobody has been in the back.I went and tried to toggle each switch as described and apparently the rear door switches dont work either.The front passenger switch seems to be the only one working.The auto lock feature works when the vehicle is put in gear they all lock,when it is put in park they unlock.I think I can disable this feature,I have to look in the user manual.It seems to becoming intermittent,I drove it yesterdayafternoon and it wasnt doing it till I went about 3-4 b
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