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  1. Yep try the techron a few times, maybe strong mix ratio too. The deville had an access panel in the trunk to get to the pump easily, takes about 30 minutes to change the pump/sending unit. If the seville has it then consider replacing the whole unit.
  2. I had a 99 STS, from what i remember its a 12" free air subwoofer. Youll need to measure the ohms of the subwoofer and match that as well. I dont think youll find a better one to replace the bose. Its not hard to add a subwoofer and amp using a line level converter, converting the speaker wire to that sub to RCA to send signal to an amplifier. Then you can power a bigger free air subwoofer or use one in a box.
  3. 2007 Escalade ESV. The cooled seats just quit. Im sure they are not too different from the car versions. So has anyone troubleshooted these? I see a fan below the seat and a wire harness plug but nothing corroded or unplugged. Fuse is good. Both seats quit working. The heat and all other power works. They say you should hear the fan(s) but I dont hear anything.
  4. mostly a collectible. I wouldn't seperate just to make a buck. The one labeled 2000 is actually 2002 I believe. My 2000 still had the circles on top of the crest and the wreath had ridges. Can't really agree with the new changes of just a crest but whatever, their cars are nothing like they used to be so they might as well completely change the logo too
  5. I'm bummed that site had a lot of good info for mid 90s fleetwoods
  6. Just a safety heads up. I had the shifter out or in I can't remember but I was trying to shift it it and I had my finger in the mechanism and sliced into it pretty bad almost cut it off. Just be careful, there's a reason its covered with a console
  7. I jack up the front of the car, it speeds up the turning quite a bit. And yes I keep the cap off just so I can see any changes in the bubbles.
  8. yes that's the same thing I'm talking about. He couldn't shift out of park. Its the tinyest little cylinder of metal that clicks out of the way when you hit the brake and it gets weak over time. yes you can move the shifter side to side but the solenoid thing gets in the way of geting out of park. I'm not sure if you can buy just the solenoid but it was pretty cheap and easy to just change the whole shifter.
  9. Happened to a buddy of mines 2000 dts. There's a little piece of metal that magnetically moves out of the way when you hit the brake and it can go bad apparently. I taped it so it was always pressed in until he got in a unit from a salvage yard. He used car-part.com
  10. Atleast you now have an idea of where it should be when level, and you can keep your eye on it for any changes.
  11. There is a flat wafer style connector that goes to the compressor assembly, mine hangs below the driverside of the compressor, it has maybe 6 wires connecting in a line, the thin white wire is the one you want to tap into and ground. You can use your multimeter probe wire and stick it into where the wire goes into the harness and then ground the other end. You should hear the exhaust solenoid atleast click or release air. Another thought I'm having if your car sits so high the compressor only needs to turn on for 5 seconds to fill up is maybe someone replaced your springs with ones that are
  12. My 2004r caddy was like that when it was out of adjustment. They say don't run it unadjusted too long
  13. There is adjustment instructions if you google 700r4 tv cable adjustment. I'm not sure the 4l60 is the same as the 700r4 and 2004r cables. Pretty easy to do yourself if it is
  14. My 96 d body fleetwood fsm doesn't say anything about a module, just lists the sensor and compressor assembly with relay and fuse along with dummy lights. The yellow wire from the sensor grounds and kicks on the relay for the compressor, the white wire grounds and signals the exhaust dump valve. The trouble shooting suggests the same thing I did, ground that white wire and listen for the exhaust solenoid to click, test it by the sensor and by the compressor to see if there is a short in the wire somewhere.
  15. Looks like the white wire from the sensor to the compressor controls the exhaust air. Ground that wire up by the compressor and see if it dumps.
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