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i had a 1406 code come up this am . its come up several other times.i know the valve needs cleaning due to a search i did on the forums. anyone know where the valve is located on a 96 deville? when it has come on it has only come on at the same intersection no where else.believe it or not. funny. must be a gremlin on 47th and east ave. thanks

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This is what it looks like; should be on the top of the engine (rear). Shouldn't be too hard to find. (I don't have your vehicle; this just from poking around the internet and Rockauto.com).



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definately try cleaning it first. Everyone ive cleaned I have saved. Though the vacuum controlled ones are better off from a cleaning than the electronic ones.

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definately try cleaning it first. Everyone ive cleaned I have saved. Though the vacuum controlled ones are better off from a cleaning than the electronic ones.

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Cant get it out. The fuel rail bolts to one side. How do you get it off the injectors. It looks like the clip on but i dont want to go prying on things. It looks like if the rear of the rail was removed from the injectors it would give enough room to remove. Never had a fuel injected car of any sort .....till now. The air conditioning is dead. I imagine it just needs a charge.there were no ac codes when i got it ,now there is just one.I bet its for low freon level. I cleared the egr code and it never came back.Went off 3 times when it was colder out.Still trying to track down a small oil leak . It seems to be at the right front. The filter adapter and sending unit are bone dry.level sensor is now dry. I am guessing its coming from the front lower right of the valve cover and running down. All the bolts are tight.Anyone ever change the valve cover gasket? Is it a tough job on these motors? I think i saw some dripped oil on the alternator. Any other items near that are infamous for leaking?The entire engine is bone dry. Crawled around underneath for hours didnt see any wet spots. The pan had oil on it but above looked dry.Anyone have any thoughts?

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not very hard of a job. I pulled mine without pulling up the rail but it wasnt easy.

Few tips, pull the beauty cover and pull the nuts for the rear rail section (the studs that hold the beauty cover nuts are the same ones that hold the ijector rail down) and pull it up enough to get the access to the stud for the egr valve.

replace the gasket. I cant stress this enough, Do it right the first time.

Clean it out good and make sure the torx screw on the valve itself turns easily and that the shaft pushes up and down easily.

I cleaned mine 2 years ago and it has never had any other problems, the previous owner didnt drive it far enough. Alsoo do yourself a favor while you are cleaning the EGR valve. Take off the MAF sensor from the throttle body and clean out the TB with throttle body cleaner. If the egr is stuck chances are your TB is gummed up also.

I must say my egr valve was plugged solid, I spent 1 hour between cleaning the TB and egr valve. Try not to spray too much up in the solenoid area as it is not recommended.

Once you reinstall everything test drive it and drive it like you stole it. And smile as you see all the crud come out of the tailpipes

Also when you clean the TB use a rag to soak up the excess cleaner *smurf* you dont want it to all go into the engine.

If you need any more tips or info PM me


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Take an air hose and blow off any dirt that may be around the injectors at the intake manifold. Then remove the four fuel rail mounting bolts and then the rail & injectors can be lifted enough to clear the mounting stud on the EGR valve.

The A/C compressor case seals may be leaking due to corrosion from the compressor ends creeping under the o-rings.

To replace the front cam cover gasket, you will need a power steering pulley puller to remove the water pump belt pulley on the front camshaft. Then the camshaft seal assembly must be removed from the cam cover. The rest of the job is pretty straightforward. Use a small amount of sensor safe RTV sealer on each of the seal retainer screws at reassembly so you do not have any leaks around the seal.

Be sure to clean the cam cover gasket groove once you remove it as any oil residue will cause the new seal to swell and it will then become too long to fit in the groove.

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