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  1. thanks guys, just wanted to make sure it wasnt a bigger problem. i will try a few moderate stops. it sounded like a rotor problem. this being the first front wheel driver i have owned makes me paranoid. its 94 here today ,fought traffic home.Car ran perfect .i was worried about possible problems when the outside temp went up but none. knock on wood. havent had to work on my daily driver in years. guess i got a little spoiled.im back at it keeping theses cars on the road.
  2. thanks ,i dint realize they were rear wheel drive. just took it for granted .
  3. anyone know if 2001 cts rims will fit my 96 deville? the cts rims are 17 inch. tires are 225 X 50 X17. I can get them cheap and im worried about my tires. thanks.
  4. I could have sworn it was 67. i never took emmisions test. they only tested 68 and newer. let me think about this,maybe my memory is failing me....again.
  5. I noticed the other day,when applying the brakes there was a noise. Not a squeal . A very light pulsating dull tap. only when the brakes are applied. sounds like a heat warped rotor but i dont feel it on the brake pedal.brakes are fine no pulls ,no pulsating. checked the pads and there is meat left on them. seems to be coming from the right side front only when braking.. no codes are present . any ideas guys? im sure someones hear of this. hate to replace the brakes if not needed. Thanks
  6. I had a 67 coupe deville with a 472. loved that motor. tons of torque.
  7. I did a little research on the cd player. It is a cdc825 made by audiovox . You tune your stereo to a certain channel and it plays through the factory radio. mine appears to be dead it has power.just doesnt work . cartridge is in it but wont eject. maybe i will try tinkering with it at some point. I guess this player came only in 96.
  8. I haven't checked the mileage on my 96 but I will say it seems to burn less gas on premium than the mid grade. I will have to compare. It runs better on premium.I can feel it. Gas prices are ridiculous in Chicago.Gone are the days when I would cash in the soda bottles and fill up my dirt bike.
  9. my 96 deville has a bad door speaker. it seems to have a separate tweeter. i was going to go out and buy a new set of new 5 1/4s.i have heard of problems with the bose system interchange. i have no bose markings on the stereo. will an 5 1/4 speaker work? Any suggestions. I also have a disk changer in the trunk that doesnt appear to work. There is a wired controller next to the stereo on the dash. It lights up green but no display.Any idea how its supposed to work? there is no place to select cd player on the stereo.tried to eject the cd cartridge in the trunk but nothing comes out. how do i know if there is one in it? thanks for the help in advance.
  10. Cant get it out. The fuel rail bolts to one side. How do you get it off the injectors. It looks like the clip on but i dont want to go prying on things. It looks like if the rear of the rail was removed from the injectors it would give enough room to remove. Never had a fuel injected car of any sort .....till now. The air conditioning is dead. I imagine it just needs a charge.there were no ac codes when i got it ,now there is just one.I bet its for low freon level. I cleared the egr code and it never came back.Went off 3 times when it was colder out.Still trying to track down a small oil leak . It seems to be at the right front. The filter adapter and sending unit are bone dry.level sensor is now dry. I am guessing its coming from the front lower right of the valve cover and running down. All the bolts are tight.Anyone ever change the valve cover gasket? Is it a tough job on these motors? I think i saw some dripped oil on the alternator. Any other items near that are infamous for leaking?The entire engine is bone dry. Crawled around underneath for hours didnt see any wet spots. The pan had oil on it but above looked dry.Anyone have any thoughts?
  11. My 96 deville has been awesome to drive. I accidentally squealed the tires at the kids school this am. on the expressway it passes with ease. It gets decent gas mileage and looks darn good for 15 yrs old. The torque steer is unbelievable and takes a bit to get used to. I really love this car .Its all original untouched.
  12. My deville runs 3 minutes fast per month.Just noticed this morning.
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