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Tail fin frenzy found Cadillac receiving 'stamp' of approval

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As we move quickly to the year 2011, automobile design is void of what once was a big design item - the tail fin. Today's cars, not surprisingly, are very sleek and aerodynamic, which is a far cry from those memorable cars of 1948 through 1960, where bulk, big fenders and lots of chrome were highlighted by some of the biggest tail fins in the history of automotive design.

The car industry tail fin design era began in 1941, when General Motors chief designer Harley Earl caught a glimpse of several World War II Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighters at an American Air Force base.

Read More: http://thedailyreview.com/sports/tail-fin-frenzy-found-cadillac-receiving-stamp-of-approval-1.910677

Actually Cadillac echoes the tail fin on the CTS Sport Wagon and the SRX.


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It was an exciting time, I waited every year to see the new designs. We were lucky to own a 55, 59, 62 and 64, the last year of the pronounced fin

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There is absolutely nothing like the profile view of the 1957 El Dorado convertible.

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