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12 Disc Changer: CD Changer Error


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Hi guys

I bought a Delco 12-Disc Changer (#16199553) on eBay for my 96 Seville SLS (with Bose). I plugged the wire in and the changer begins initializing, cycling through all 12 trays. At the HU display the disc icon blinks, then stays steady. However, when I try to activate the CD function, it shows i.e. "Disc 1 loading" (Track 0) and then comes the "CD Changer Error" message and it switches back to radio.

Yes, the discs are upside down , I blew out the casing, pushed the reset button, disconnected and reconnected the cable and opened the casing for checking if any CD is jammed...nothing!

I reconnected the changer being open and I see it loading the discs, however they do not spin, nor does the laser unit move. The discs are lifted and to me it seems as if they were stuck, pressed on too much. I can hear a humming as if the disc might be stuck and the motor can not spin.

Should the discs begin spinning or the laser unit moving while initializing the changer? Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I will throw in my opinion here...But I am no expert on the 12 disc changer.

The disk should be pushed up...it should start spinning and the laser head should go to the "INSIDE" of the disc to read track 1.

If I am wrong...someone will correct me.

On the assumption that it is all hooked up right...

At this point...I think I would try to contact whoever I bought it from.

Since it doesn't spin the disc "OR" move the laser head...

Personally... I think it is defective.

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I believe if the player is faulty, it will throw a code. Using Off&Warmer button procedure. I believe the CD changer will be under IRC (Integrated Radio Controller?). Not sure If we have a meaning for the codes anywhere for the entertainment system.

Only other thing I can think of is to either tap it a little, sent it back, or disassemble the cover to look for an obstruction.

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If it is brand new, I wouldn't disassemble it except under the direct written instructions of the vendor or manufacturer. I would rely on customer service in fixing, exchanging, or returning the player.

The first thing that happens when you insert the 12-CD cartridge is that the unit initializes. What that means is that the player loads each CD and checks that (1) a playable CD is there and (2) how many tracks it has. When you step from CD to CD it will select only the platters that have a playable CD in them, and the Random (RDM button on the radio) uses the count of tracks in its random selection of tracks to play.

You are seeing it attempt to load each CD and then none of the CDs spin. What appears to be happening is that something is jaming in the loading of the CDs or the spinning motor is bad but this somehow is missed by the fail-safe checks in the electronics, and that it initializes with no playable CDs recognized. This operation has no interaction with the car electronics except a status line and power. If this is what is happening, the unit is bad.

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sure sounds to me like a motor issue.

If you got it from ebay be careful


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