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leaky oil pan


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My 97 Deville is starting to leave a few drops of oil on the driveway. I'm about to change the oil and filter and thought I'd change the oil pan gasket at the same time. After reading some information on line I see that replacing the gasket is pretty much out of the question. What brain trust at GM thought up that one? Anyway, I'm hoping that tightening up the pan bolts might do the trick. Does anyone know the tightening pattern and torque specifications? Does anyone have any advice on a leaky pan? Thanks, Steve Keitel

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I snapped that out of the 96 Manual, but I would be surprised if it was not the same for all Northstars. Hopefully someone else will comment / correct if not.


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If you are sure it is the pan and not the halfcase, pull each bolt you can reach. Wash it and the female threads down with Brakleen. Blow then dry with compressed air and then coat the bolt threads with Permatex thread sealer. That MIGHT slow it down.

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What brain trust at GM thought up that one?anyone have any advice on a leaky pan? Thanks, Steve Keitel

It is not as simple as, "Gee, let's see how complex we can make the task for service." There is not a lot of room to package a V8 in a transverse application like the Deville. There needs to be room for the exhaust pipe from the forward bank of cylinders, etc.

If you do not need to remove the engine for any other service, the preferred method is to remove the transmission. Supporting the engine with the support fixture across the strut towers will allow removal of the components that are blocking full access to the oil pan.

There is an oil manifold plate that is between the oil pan and the lower crankcase half. That is probably the source of the leak. It is difficult to see while under the car and it is only about 1/8" thick so it is easy to miss and assume it is coming from the oil pan gasket.

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