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  1. My temp gauge only goes a little over the halfway mark if I get stuck in traffic on real hot days. It will go down to halfway as soon as I can drive again. Does your temp stay at 5/8 even while driving? You should check the coolant level, the waterpump belt, the purge line, the thermostat and the fans if it won't come done while you drive around.
  2. That's a big difference between 11mpg and 24mpg.. If I drive my Seville only over short distances in town the fuel consumption is pretty high as well, but I doubt that other 2 ton cars with such an engine will do much better. I don't really dislike Ford (probably some models are pretty good, that's something I don't know) but these cars have absolutely nothing in common. If I compare my Seville to other cars I drive or have driven there will be things the Caddy can better and some things the Caddy is worse. My point is you should compare the fuel consumption with other owners of a Cadillac w
  3. @rockfangd that would also be my average mix.. seems this is what a seville sts should need, not much more and not much less
  4. Don't know if they are available in the US but I drive the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymetric.. they are very good! Quiet with a lot of comfort for such tires and they are also good on wet roads. After 25.000 miles now I will have to replace them soon as there is only 3mm of rubber left. (I have 255/45/18)
  5. You seem to compare your Cadillac to every other car you've ever owned.. I wouldn't do that. This is a Cadillac and nothing else (especially it's no Ford!!!!) I use 95 Octane fuel for now about 30.000 miles or more and never had any problems. (I think Austria and GB have the same standards) I've tried 98 and 100 Octane as well, but there are no changes in fuel economy or engine sound. My Seville... in town: 15mpg (us) 15,6 liters/100km 18mpg (uk) and on the highway: 21mpg (us) 11,2 liters/100km 25,2mpg (uk) You can compare these values with your car. If you need much more fuel then
  6. For better braking you could use aftermarket discs and pads. I use ceramic pads and cross-drilled discs with DOT4.. and it's much better than before. Your engine looks pretty clean, nice one
  7. I also used DOT4 and don't have any problems with it. (cap says DOT3 I think) Can you post a picture of the engine? I'd like to see the 2 brake fluid "bottles". I needed only 1 liter but I didn't pump it through.. I used a vacuum aspirator (don't know if that's the correct english word for this tool). Use only the Dexcool fluid (red). You can also get it at a local vauxhall/opel dealer that sells GM parts.. Probably it's a white bottle with the red-pink fluid. No need to add anything else. You could clean the cooling system before adding the new fluid, no need to do more. If you want to prev
  8. I would not use a oil filter from another car, even if it fits. Go to a local GM dealer (opel, vauxhaull.. whatever) and ask him for the AC Delco PF61 or 61E. These filters fit many cars and the chance is not bad that they have one in stock or can order one very fast. At least in Austria this is not a problem. I'm not sure, maybe your Seville has the same color as mine.. I really like it, nice car! If you search for better brakes, better sound or matching aftermarket rims I can give you some advise, because that's what I've done with my car
  9. What filter do you have now that won't fit? Do you have a owners manual? I have one from 2001 and it says oil filter: AC Type PF-58 Also I found out that the PF-58 is now PF61 and the PF61e is only a better version of the PF61e with an antidrainback valve, which will be usefull if you don't drive very often and the oil otherwise would drain-back into the oil pan (less protection for the bearings at cold starts) I use the PF61e and it fits perfect just like the PF61 that I had before. If you now have one of the listed numbers and it won't fit, maybe you have a damaged thread? If it's one of
  10. Whats the brand and # of your old filter? (the one which fits). You can get filters pretty fast from local dealers (even in Austria) or you order some from www.rockauto.com Just order the same # that was on your car, maybe it's the ac delco pf61 or pf61e (same size). The 5w30 is a good oil for you Cadillac, I usw 10w40 but I have the older engine with the spark plug wires This change was made between 2000 and 2001 I think. Mount the new filter before you fill in the fresh oil. (and fill it with some oil before installing)
  11. Sometimes I think driving 2 V8's isn't the cleverst thing since 1 gallon gas costs from 7,3 to 8,3 $ (depending on octane rating) where I live, but I really love the sounds and power like Rockfangd. Its a little off topic, but since I put on 2 Magnaflow mufflerrs on my Seville, I can't get enought
  12. I believe you can drive your N* as you want. Sometimes WOT is good for it to burn deposits in your engine and can lead to less oil consumption and better exhaust emissions. If you don't like driving fast all the time then don't do it! It will save you money at the gas station.. For me the best compromise between speed and fuel consumption is 90mph.
  13. I think the N* can handle WOT without worring about the HG if maintenance is made regulary and the cooling system is working (check the fluid level, change the fluid every 1 or 2 years, check the waterpump belt...), Sometimes I drive it a 100 miles with about 120-130 mph and sometimes I drive the whole way with only 90mph.. never gets hot or makes strange noises. I don't really like additives and I didn't need any (120.000 miles now). I use 95 gas in Austria, that's about 91 in the US. I also tried 100 octane, but it makes no difference or has benefits that you will feel or hear. Also the f
  14. There are some good DOT3 fluids on the market I think. But from what I've seen here in Austria, DOT3 is barely available because most european cars use DOT4. I don't think DOT3 is too bad to be used in a GM car, but there are differences.. where I live there are many mountain roads where you are allowed to drive with 60mph and highways without speed limit and not so much space like in the US.. so there is more hectic in traffic here and you have to brake often and sometimes pretty hard. (I don't often drive with more than 100mph) I didn't experience any problems on the highway with DOT3, but
  15. this is an interesting article about dot 3 and dot 4 compatibility: http://www.penriteoil.com.au/tech_pdfs/87_DOT%203%20and%20DOT%204.pdf it says the bad effects on rubber are a result of quality tolerances.. so a good dot 3 and a good dot 4 will not harm the rubber, and a bad dot 3 or dot 4 will so i'll use one of the best dot 4 (class 6) in my seville.. the ate sl6
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