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Engine power Deville 1971 v. 1972


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What hapend with the engine in 1972 compared to 1971?

Lower horspower and subst. lower torque in 1972.

If I have understand it right, the torque in 1972 is about 30% lower than 1971.

Why and how did they do that?

Is it possible to modyfie the 1972 engine to get back the lost power?

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The ratings changed but the engine apparently didn't, so far as I can tell checking my databases and manuals. I think that 1972 is the year that they started advertising installed horsepower instead of machine shop test bench horsepower, which was without alternator and other accessory belt loading, mufflers, etc.

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yes, the engine rating system changed from gross horsepower to net horsepower. The actual power of the engine did not change. I believe in the first years both gross and net values were given.


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I thought the measurement used through 1970 was bhp. It was measured at the flywheel with no attachments. In 1971 it switched to SAE and it was taken in installed trim but measured at the flyheel.

1971 was the 1st year of reduced compression ratios form GM (Ford and Chrysler followed suit in 1972). Between 1971 & 1972 I would be surprised if there weren't "some" emission changes that reduced the power even more, albeit, it may be a small change.

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The '71 had 375 HP gross and 345 HP net. The '72 had 345 HP net. The emission controls really didn't begin to start to come into play until 1973 with the EGR valve. Catalytic converters started in '74 or '75, possibly earlier in California cars.

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