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  1. Great idea, have now been out in the garage and rebuilt an old distributor for this purpose :-)
  2. Found out in the Shop Manual that it can take up to 30 second for the light to go out. That feels like very nervous half minute on a rebuild engine :-/
  3. Should the oil pressure light go out just by cranking the engine without starting it?
  4. Is it possible that ther is different sized oil pans for the 472? And is ther no one out ther with a 472 that can messure their tube and stick?
  5. The tube is fully inserted. It's a new tube, maby it's length is not right. Don't have the old tube any longer, so can't compare. How long should the tube stick up from the engine block? Have just put the engine in the car after a renovation, haven't started it yet.
  6. When I fill 5 quarts of oil in my 472 it only shows on the tip of the oil stick. Anyone no what the right length of the oil dip stick should be on the 472 Engine?
  7. I have done so, it is conected like a -72. No A.I.R-pump conected thou, have never been as long as I have had the car.
  8. Putting a 1968 engine in my 1972 Deville. Can I get rid of the Speed Control Switch vacuum solenoid mounted on the intake manifold and just let the Contact from the wiring harness hang loos? Also a sensor in the air filter box, can I ignore this sensor to? Ore should I just connect everything as a 1972? Would there be any difference regarding engine performance? A.I.R not in use, has never been.
  9. In my Shop Manual under "Engine Mechanical - Cylinder Head Installation" they write155 foot-pounds. In the same manual, under "Torque Specifications - Cylinder Head to Cylinder Block Screw" the write 115 ft. lbs. Are not foot-Pounds and ft. lbs the same? What torque should I use?
  10. I do not fully understand the English instruktions. What I don't understand is the following: "Apply a thin coat of anaerobic sealant to the bearing cap chamfer and to the cap mating surface adjacent to the seal but not on the seal end" What is "bearing cap chamfer" and "cap mating surface adjacent"? And what type of sealant is "anaerobic sealant"?
  11. Can't find an way to attach Pictures with a topic. How can it be done?
  12. Thanks for the information. Got a login for http://forums.500cid.com/ But I can't post on their forum and when I mail their admin I get my mail in return, delivery faild.
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