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  1. For my (often) rainy Saturday night drive home I use a light yellow lense. It's great and works really well with the glare and all. Mine are not to heavy /dark yellow because that starts to restrict too much light for my taste. HTH
  2. Thanks for the tip. I just rolled 100K on my 01 and she runs the same as if I drove her off the show room floor yeaterday. Jim
  3. I drive 500 miles wvery week on freeways between Portland OR and Seattle WA. I'll tell ya, I see aheck of a lot more Pontiacs out there than I do Buicks or Saturns. Besides, they have better styling IMO. Hmmm...
  4. Mike, The 3000 RPM thing... is one thing that impressed ME about the High Performance Northstar. It runs good and pulls well at ALL TIMES... BUT... when it passes 3000/3500 it GOES. I have drove some of the REGULAR Northstars and they are not quite the same. And the sound it has about 3000/3500, all the way to the 6500 redline ... to me... is music to my ears. Four cams... 32 valves... the intake sound... the exhaust sound... it all comes together and sings to me. Maybe thats why I don't get anywhere near the gas mileage that some of you other guys get. It probably is not as
  5. Here is a couple of WEBSITES that sells devices for converters. www.catcuff.com www.catclamp.com I guess crime does pay and until it stops (public floggings) things like this will continue to happen. Jim
  6. Belated Happy Birthday Mike. I haved a 01 STS and I drive (most of the time) around 65 MPH. I'm averaging 26 MPG and the avg speed is 60 MPH. NOTE: that avg MPH rwally drops when you're at a stop light. All these non-believers have a hard time realizing a V8 can do that. As the GURU once said; "a little less MPG is a lot-cheaper than "a" night in the ICU. Jim
  7. I've had pretty good luck with both GM and FORD; 1968 Chevy Bel Air; 1974 - 1981 100K+ (running good when I traded it) 1970 Pontiac T/A; 1978 - Present 100K+ (still own, runs good) 1979 Olds Cutlass; 1981 - 1982 11K (a lemon, dropped this thing like a bad habit) 1982 Ford Fairmont: 1982 - 1990 123K+ (running strong when I traded it) 1989 Mercury Sable; 1990 - 2001 230+ (she was tired) 1992 Ford Bronco: 1997 - Present; 196K and running strong 1996 Dodge Carivan: 2001 - 2002 Someone in a Toyota Tundra was scratching the itch behind their fly when my wife was re
  8. Mike, I don't know what to believe. I've always had a " I don't believe anything I hear and only half of what I see" attitude and remain suspicious of the newest fads, GW being one of them. One's thing for sure, the ole' mother earth has been going thru many cycles and events throughout its life and will continue to do so. More often than not one can tell if someone is spewing BS. For example, take the GURU who use to post here (hated to see him go), but when I 1st read one of his post I had some reservations. The more he posted, the more I read and sooner or later you'll find out who
  9. Well, one things for sure, anyone who comes up with a statement like this; "... that depends on what the definition of "is" ... "is" ... certainly has something up their sleeve. Jim
  10. Leave it to ole' Hill ... the junior carpet-bagger from Arkansas,oops, I meant New York, to come up with something like this. Whats confusing to me is; 1. Obama was born in 1961 in Hawaii, a US state, which makes him a citizen, AFAIK. Its been that way since the end of the Civil War via the 14th Amendment. Now all the other stuff, parents citizenship requirements ... and so... will make this interesting, if it sees the light of the day. Jim
  11. To all, I my be getting a little off topic but to what effect does the following have on gas prices; - The various belends of gasoline for different part of the country that has to be made for various times of the year; - There has been no refineries buit in several years; I'm hearing that China, Canada and others are drilling, or, are about to, off the Florida coast. It sounds ludicrous to me that "we" can't because of environmental lobby groups. I can follow what Harry Reid says about the "simple math" rhoeteric, but then he himself, along with others, turns to the special interes
  12. ALways remember.... when SECONDS count... the police are only MINUTES away. in other words, you can't depend on them to do what you need to do yourself... which is pretect YOURSELF. Cops don't act... thay can only react. Kinda' along the line off" - "It only takes a second to call 9-1-1, but, it may take a life time before for the police to arrive." Don't know about anyone else, but thats a bad spot to be in. - There is no way, gun-free zones can be kept gun free. No need to look further than the rash of shootings in recent years. Heck, truth be known, theres more shootings
  13. Nope ... it twasn't I. I must admit, I get a kick everytime I see ole AL (the wako's PAL) GORE worked up. Jim
  14. Mike, Must be someone else. Heck I don't even know what a ALGORE avatar is or looks like. Jim I figured it out, see this thread, in my mind, your member name reminded me of his, look at this avatar. Sorry for the confusion Thats all right ... it's all good! Jim
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