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No more 90 second wheel balances....


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Been put off by local sloppy wheel balances for years......they simply are not doing it right....

Firestone....Discount Tire....

"We'll put our best new guy on it.".....yikes..

It cannot be done correctly in one or two 90 second spins. You really need about 20-30 minutes per wheel to get them right.

Firestone finally pissed me off. Needed one BMW TPMS sensor installed on a single wheel....had the wheel off the car....had the new OEM sensor in hand....."Sorry....We only put our TPMS sensors in." 


Sooo......purchased a wheel balancer. So far....2 cars now driving perfect at highway speeds....A BMW and a Chevrolet.




Any questions let us know. Excellent product.




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Wow.....I'm about to pull the trigger and buy the wheel mounting machine too. Be done with those fools at the tire stores. 

Now 3 cars........all 3 riding better than they ever have! 

So 12 wheels so far. Couple of interesting things....

1 bent wheel. Bad enough I will have to replace or repair it before putting new rubber on. It's on the back for now. 

2 wheels that had no weight at all. No witness tape marks or anything. Of course they are good now with weight. 


Lengthy review of the stuff by someone else (not me).....great pics. 



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Looked around for a month for a used tire changer. No real luck......used ones are overpriced, discontinued or ready for the scrap heap. 

Also the newer units can do the larger tires. 

Great bang for the $. A new Derek Weaver tire changer. 

Video is not me. But same unit. 



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