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Yesterday I took my car to the dealer because I was getting a "Check Coolant level" message on the DIC. Easy enough to add the coolant myself; but "Where was it going".

They found a leak at the water pump gasket which they replace under the warranty. on the way home I stopped at a store for about 15 minutes and, when I came out, I decided to check the oil just to see where it was because I had the oil changed too.

I went to put the dipstick back in and there was absolutely no place to put it. Now in 30 k miles I have checked the oil dozens of times and I knew exactly where the dipstick went but the dipstick tube just wasn't there!

Apparently, when they fixed the water pump, there is a little bolt that holds the dipstick tube which they didn't secure properly and when I pulled the dipstick out, it fell forward under the radiator cover (if that's what you call it).

For awhile I thought the old guy was really losing it. I had visions of going back to the dealer with that dipstick in my hand!

That's another reason I think I won't have the rings replaced. They didn't secure the dipstick tube - maybe if they changed the rings they wouldn't secure the"franistan" or something equally serious.

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Hey, I know the feeling. Several years ago I had taken my Pontiac T/A into a dealer and they replaced the plugged cat. converter. When I picked it up the next day, the manager say's "she's all ready to go!" So I fired it up and pulled out of the dealership.

A 1/2 mi. or so down the road where I hit the highway I gave it the boot to test the response and I was not only shocked by the surge of new-found power, but the motor had a whole new roar to it! :lol: What the hell did they do to this thing, I thought. I punched it again and she gave a throaty growl then a clank, crash, grinding noise under the hood. :blink: I shut her down imediately and pulled to the side of the road. To my surprise when I popped the hood here was my entire air cleaner assy. sitting down in pieces of to the side of the 4bbl. carb. When I had punched it the last time it sent part of it into the fan (creating all the ruckus!) :angry:

I drove straight back to the dealer with it like that (after removing the part from the fan.) They replaced the complete air-cleaner assy. and the fan. They were very appologetic and said the mechanic must have gotten pulled off and forgot to button it up... :unsure:

'09 Cadillac CTS-4 3.6 direct injection, 128 K mi.
'15 Chevy Tahoe LTZ, 5.3i V8, 125 K mi
'70 Firebird Formula 400, Bored+.04, RAIII heads, M21 4spd., in-process restoration!

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that's the reason I never take the car to shop. and if i have to (say, for inspection) i do not let them be with my car for a second without me!

F.A.Q. dealers!

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent

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I had the heads done on my 88 Olds Cutlass Supreme Classic and did not get 200 yards from the garage and I heard something hit the bottom of the car and I looked in my rear view mirror and a open end wrench was bouncing around in the road. I also noticed that the car did not shift right, so I took it back and they forgot to hook the cable that runs from the carb to the transmission. After I got home it still did not seem right so I looked under the hood and noticed a vacuum hose was not attached, so I looked a little closer and all the vacuum hoses were in the wrong place. I finally got it straightened up.

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On my old 83 Chevy the dealership changed the oil once and had I not been watching the mechanic, he would have ran the engine without the filter in place.

I watched him, he poured the oil in, started the car and the oil started to shoot out of the bottom of the car all over the garage floor, meanwhile, he walked away like nothing was happening.

I ran over and shut the engine off and started yelling at the guy.

The manager apologized and personally checked all the work of the mechanic after he was done. I never took the car back.

With my 92 Seville, I took it to the dealership to drain the trans fluid and replace the filter, etc. When I brought the car in, it was bone dry underneath, after the "job" at the dealership, now it leaks slightly around the gasket of the pan and the cooling line also seems to leak a little. Never did that before I took it there. I won't take it back either. Once a dealership screws up like that, I think I would be nuts to trust them again.

If you really want to make people safe drivers again then simply remove all the safety features from cars. No more seat belts, ABS brakes, traction control, air bags or stability control. No more anything. You'll see how quickly people will slow down and once again learn to drive like "normal" humans.

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I took my old GMC Sonoma to a Q-lube place while I was away from home once. I stood right outside the service bay watching them change the oil. They were doing all right until the three different people working around my truck all put oil in it. I saw one of them getting in to start it and told him to hang on. Being the smart a** that I am I said hey does a 4.3liter V6 take 15 quarts of oil. When they pulled the dipstick out oil started coming up through the tube. I haven't taken any of my cars to a Looney Lube place since.

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