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  1. It has served me well. A few small glitches that don't hinder drivability though. I'm doing okay. Running into some health problems but otherwise, chugging along. 20 years with the same job (working for the attorney) and still living in the same apartment. How about you Mike?
  2. Thanks everyone for your imput. My 2008 Impala LS has reached 95,400 miles. Relatively trouble-free except for a small, pesky stuff that doesn't hinder the drivability of the car. Today, all four brakes were done, oil and filter was changed, cabin filter was changed (I swear there were mushrooms growing on it) and the parking brake was adjusted. The mechanic did a great job. Next visit in a few weeks will be for spark plug/wires and transmission filter.
  3. Where is the fuel filter. My mechanic says there is none.
  4. A picture would probably be frightening and definitely illegal. ?
  5. I can't seem to post frames for some reason so here's the link to another fun challenge.