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  1. I put the old belt back on to see if I could pinpoint the noise it was making. It sounds like a whirring noise in the water pump area. The one thing that I did notice was that when you shut the car off the belt stops but the noise keeps going for a few seconds. I am suspecting the water pump. Has anyone had this problem before?
  2. Thanks Mike for the link. I was hoping that someone would have the belt length for the newer models. If I measure it I will post the information. I think I have the shorter belt on the 94, so I might try it. My wife is getting impatient and wants her car back.🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. I think my AC compressor bearings are going bad and I wanted to bypass it until I can replace it. I know from past experience that it can be done and I did it on my 1994 Concours. Does anyone know what size to get on a 2004 Deville? I checked the pulleys, alternator and power steering pump and there doesn’t seem to be any binding or roughness in them.
  4. Pump is in and all’s well for now. Thanks.😉😁
  5. Well the new pump is in. I still have to splice the new plug in. I ended up shaving off around the opening to get the old pump out, being careful not to allow the shavings to go in the tank. There’s too much gas smell right now where I spilled gas taking the old pump out so I’m going to let it air out tonight and finish tomorrow. It’s all down hill from here.
  6. I spoke to my local Caddy mechanic last night and it is not uncommon for this to happen. He suggested shaving off the pump or opening. He said that the old plastic gets saturated with gasoline and swells causing the problem. I’m going to try to shave a little off the pump this evening and report back.
  7. Well I having trouble getting the old Fuel pump out of the car. The access in the trunk is great but getting the metal ring off was a battle. It was rusty and wouldn’t budge. After spraying it with WD40 (that’s all I had at the time) and letting it soak a few days it finally came off with a lot of pounding with a hammer and screwdriver. Next I thought the battle was over but the pump will not come out of the hole. I turned it around trying to get it out but it will not come out. I don’t know if I am not holding my mouth right or what, it’s not coming out! I am going to come back to it and try again.
  8. Yes I remember dropping the tank on my 97 Deville. Not fun, I remembered we all complained about that it would be much simpler to just cut an access hole in the trunk. I guess someone was listening and they did just that for the 2000 body style. Pump came in today with the new pigtail. Now I have to clean the trunk out to get to it.
  9. I made sure I checked the fuel pump fuse and relay before I ordered the pump. I found out today that I can access the fuel pump from the trunk, so that made me feel better. No crawling underneath to drag the tank out and change the pump. I also ordered a Delphi pump from Autozone for $185 after a 20% discount coupon from their website and free shipping. They beat Rockauto and Advance on a Delphi pump which surprised me. I think the reason it wasn’t showing a stumbling code was because the fuel pump was failing. Now my biggest challenge is to empty the trunk to get to it.😳😂 I will post after I install it.
  10. Car won’t start today, checked the fuel pressure and only had 13# pressure. Time for fuel pump?
  11. I checked the codes and it is missing at idle but not throwing any codes. I use Penzoil 5W30. I have not checked the fuel pressure but I have checked the Fuel Pressure Regulator. My Fuel pressure gauge got broken a few years ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. Yes, this is the 2004.
  12. I have replaced spark plugs, front and rear ignition control modules, ISC. Plenum, heater blower, and PCV hose. I think one injector wire or injector is causing the problem. I will have to check around to see if I can find someone with an analyzer. I will check codes today.
  13. Yes. My wife has been driving it all week and I haven't had a chance to run the codes again.
  14. Chasing a slight miss at stops now. No current codes set yet. Gas mileage back up to 21mpg.
  15. I didn’t feel like taking the 94 out. I just bought a new starter and put it in.
  16. I’m sorry I meant to say that the Caddy mechanic replaced the front coil pack module not the front injectors. I’m now suspecting the rear coil pack module. Going to have the caddy mechanic check it out. Thanks.
  17. I replaced the injector seals and applied the grease when reinstalled, but the miss is still there. I talked to my father-in-law and he said a caddy mechanic had replaced the front injectors but not the back, so that is what I am suspecting now.
  18. UPDATE: I finally got time to put a new starter in and all is well. Starts and runs great again. Thanks for all the great advice.
  19. I did not replace the seals or grease them so I will start with that and let everyone know if that fixed it.
  20. I recently had to change the PCV hose that comes out of the intake manifold and goes to the rear valve cover on my father-in-law’s 2003 Deville. In doing so I had to lift up the intake manifold and remove the fuel rail. I had to pull out the injectors when I removed the fuel rail. Put it back together and now I have a P0300 and stumbling at stops. I am suspecting an injector problem. How can I check the injectors? I checked the FPR and it was fine. I cleared the codes and will check them again later.
  21. Thanks Mike, I talked to my Cadillac mechanic friend and he said that if the engine numbers (8th digit of VIN) match the starters should and they do. I am hopefully going to get time to take the one out of the 94 this weekend. My father-in-laws 2003 Cadillac Deville is having vacuum problems again. I am suspecting the rubber elbow at the left side of the intake manifold. I changed the plenum a few years back. I had a problem finding that elbow the last time I changed the one on the 2004 some time ago. I ended up buying a bent rubber line the last time. I will check again but may end up going the same route with the 2003. When I tear into the 94 I will have to see if it has the elbow and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  22. Would it be possible to use a 1994 Deville Concours starter in a 2004 Deville? The numbers for an aftermarket starters match but Acdelco numbers don"t.
  23. My wife's 2004 Deville will not start. We have been having issues with the starter screeching when it engages before you let go of the switch. Last night it would not start at all. The current codes are as follows: P0102- MAF sensor, P0335 & P0385- Crank sensor codes. The starter was turning over, but the engine was not. No belts were moving. The starter was not engaging the flywheel. I have had MAF problems before, so I will check the plug and possibly change the sensor. Where do I start? I am leaning more toward Crank sensors though. Where are they located? Thanks.
  24. I don't have trouble starting the car but my wife has trouble all the time. She turns the key on then waits about 10-15 seconds then turns the key and holds it to long and it screeches the starter. I have told her not to wait 10-15 seconds and to let go after a few seconds so it doesn't screech the starter. She just tells me I don't drive the car and don't know what she goes through to start it sometimes. About a year ago I changed the plugs, wires, coils, and plenum between throttle body and intake manifold. I also had trouble with the TPS about that time too and changed it. I acknowledge that "occasionally" I have had trouble with it too. The recent codes don't relate to any starting problem, current or history. We did have a problem starting it one time after replacing the TPS. I bought another TPS after having a history P0120 code, but it didn't help so I put the old one back in. I think just the movement of the TPS plug helped and it started. What are the codes for the crank sensors. Any other possibilities. She is driving me up the wall complaining.
  25. My wife, who drives the car, informed me that it was missing before I changed the plenum. I changed the spark plugs, the rear coils and rear wiring harness a couple months ago. I was more careful with the front plugs and did not change the front wiring harness or the coils. I also changed the throttle position sensor then too. Could one of the front coils or front wiring harness be the problem? Can you unplug the coils without getting zapped while the car is running?
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