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  1. Just ordered new shocks for the CTS! Here’s an active code for 5% off till 9/30. MMAUG55
  2. Just FYI... I did find an applicable code on this website through a search: https://www.extrabux.com/en/coupons/detail/6244494.html I will post an updated code once I receive my shocks and another offer from Rockauto. 👍🏻
  3. Anyone have an active code for Rockauto? I need to purchase a set of Arnott shocks for my Tahoe... it would save me about $25! Much appreciated!
  4. Hi all, just checking to see if anyone else has encountered this issue? My 09 AWD is leaking on pass side, 144k miles... My dealer found this when it was up on the lift to have the rear pass hub replaced. I had that replaced about 12k mikes back in Feb. ‘20... apparently Moog doesn’t make quality hub bearings I’ve found. 🤬 dealer wanted $400 to replace it! A $14 part, all of it was labor. Even with the hub being already off? I said no and will tackle this myself if possible. If anyone has experienced this, just curious on there findings here... thx!
  5. Boy, I’m sorry to hear of your trouble with this! Sounds like you’ve got a serious gremlin somewhere there in your audio system! This may be totally unrelated, but I thought I’d mention it just in case it opens up a discussion or someone else has a similar problem that could further help you diagnose this... My 2009 CTS will sometimes lose the audio output on all options (radio, CD & Hardrive) if I use my phone immediately after I start the car. Maybe cause it’s still syncing up with Bluetooth? Most times I can get it to work again by shutting the car off for a few minutes, but occasionally it has to sit for hrs? Just crazy! 🙄
  6. Good luck on your repair here! 🤞 Yes, that burning oil smell and seeing that wisp of smoke coming up from under the hood is so bad! I had that goin on my 98 Eldorado, was the only thing I really did not like about that car! I had traced mine down to the half-case seal leak, which was dripping right onto the exhaust crossover down there... Merry Christmas to you!
  7. Nice! I always liked those color matched grilles on the STS cars! That’s an incredibly clean looking ride for 23 years! 👌🏻 I am still actually considering blacking out there chrome grille on my CTS as well... I’d actually like to do that dark black chrome, if that’d be possible but not sure where I could even get that done...
  8. Hope this alternator works out great for you! 👍🏼 This discussion brought back a tough memory where I had just replaced the alternator on my beautiful 98 Eldo. I sold it a week later and the new owner didn’t even make it home, a 20 mi. drive before breaking down. He called to say the car had warning lights come on and when he stopped and looked the serpentine belt had broke... Turned out that the reman alternator I had bought from Autozone had seized up and taken out the belt! I gave him $200 back from the purchase price for his troubles and got another alternator from Autozone for him. That was the only time I had ever experienced that, but sure was embarrassing!🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Yes, it says “Passenger Door Open” and a chime sounds as soon as you put it in gear. All the interior lights are on, all the time. Very annoying when you’re driving in the dark! 😣 what kind of a odd is all of the door switches and handles all seem to operate normally otherwise.
  10. So I have this electrical gremlin surfacing in the 09 CTS lately... Now it’s on all the time and it’s draining the battery. The doors are closed all the way, so there must be something wrong with the switch? Is the switch integrated into the door latch mechanism? Was looking for a fuse for interior lights, so at least I could pull that out when I was parked... Any suggestions there? I also noticed when I go to lock my car with the remote it no longer gives me the beep and sets the alarm when I double click. That must be because the body controller assumes there is a door open. The only way I’ve found so far to keep from draining the battery is to leave the drivers side door slightly open when I park. Then it goes into battery saver mode. any help or suggestions to track this down are appreciated!
  11. Ughhh that sucks for sure! 😖So glad that we’ve been done with that for a while now! Did my first complete hand-wash job on the CTS the other day! Nice to get everything in the door jams, under hood and trunk lid finally! All dressed up and no place to go with this shelter-in-place order though... 😔
  12. That’s a good call, especially on this layout where the lowest point of the mufflers are the front of the body. I forgot to mention I did this as well, having a small ⅛” “weep” hole there will give years of life to that setup! 👍🏻
  13. Nicely done! They look great and I think you did a great job on the install! 👍🏻 I’m kind of surprised about your comment on the difference of smoothness on hard acceleration. I would have thought if anything you’d see slight gain in power and notable roar on WOT! I know especially on my ‘93 it was an incredible gain there, but I did replace the ailing cat converter with a high-flow aftermarket part at the same time. Just FYI, if selecting 2nd gear at launch instead of Drive, the acceleration is significantly better as well. My 93 would snap shift into 2nd at redline, and even squeal the tires at times! 😆 Enjoy the new pipes! 👌🏻
  14. I wonder if perhaps there is so something with the passenger side HVAC controls being stuck or messed up also? If I remember right, in my 01 Seville I had some odd things like that going on near the end. I had to disable that, or match it to the same temp manually as the drivers side to keep it from blowing very hot air also.
  15. Thanks Bruce good info. there! I’m fortunate to have only had one of those issues so far, the wheel speed sensors. I had to replace 3 of them already (hubs and all) in the last 18 months! I think the other one was replaced by previous owner shortly before I bought it, so hopefully I’m through that rash now!
  16. Yup, I hear you there. These are sad, decision changing times right now on so many levels... Good luck with the rest of the project, & enjoy that N🌟 roar! 😁
  17. Cool! 👌🏻 Out with the old, in with the new! That’s good news on all accounts I’d say! 😁 I think you’re going to really like the sound and look when all is complete. Did you find new tips yet or going to salvage the old? Those are a little more restrictive if I remember right.
  18. I think these may be the dual SS tips that I ended up buying for my 98 Eldo. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stainless-Dual-Exhaust-Tips-2-25-3-5-Cadillac-ETC-DTS-STS-Deville-Eldorado-NEW/271474331346?fits=Year%3A2003|Model%3ASeville|Submodel%3ASLS|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A4.6L|Make%3ACadillac|Trim%3ASLS+Sedan+4-Door|Engine%3A4.6L+281Cu.+In.+V8+GAS+DOHC+Naturally+Aspirated&hash=item3f35218ed2:g:A-MAAOSwCzJdXaCN I really liked the ones that I bought for my 93, but I remember that company had gone out of business. They were more of a rectangular shaped dual tip, and the inner wall had a perforated look to it.
  19. Sorry, been away for a while. That’s great to hear! I’m sure that any qualified exhaust shop will be able to help you fit them up with no problem. I had been buying my stainless tips on eBay. Just took a while to sort through all the options, available making sure that you get the correct diameter inlet dia. of course! Good luck on your install. Excited to see the results! 👍🏻
  20. Yes, I just looked for a model muffler that had inlet and outlets in similar location and with desired diameter pipes. Pretty sure those would still work with the Seville, I remember my 01 SLS being very similar to my Eldos. You just need some short adapter pipes to fit to the existing system and to get the tip position correct. Thanks for rounding up that thread BBF! Yes, that was the 2nd Eldo I did that mod to. I had a video of the first one, and I searched for that also.. but it was way back in 2004 I think and is no longer available here. I’ve said it before.. I love my CTS but sure miss that snarling Northstar under the hood! That 98 was a sweet ride! 😎
  21. Hey Rockfangd! I know exactly how you feel, when my previous 2 Eldos started puffing out the rusted holes in the mufflers it really sounded like crap... I went with the Dynomax Super Turbos, the sport series which were a little shorter and really woke up that Northstar growl at WOT! The nice thing is it a nice subtle, deep rumble at idle but no drone at highway speed. Just a nice balance! Mine weren’t SS, but I believe they make a SS series now. I know I posted pics and even a video way back when I did this on the original “Sprucegoose” but would have to search if it’s still there... I bought new SS dual square tips and it looked amazing too! Good luck on your exhaust upgrade!
  22. That color just fits the car so well! I love that burnout shot in the hot rod picture gallery! 😎
  23. I know, that is awesome! I recently saw another rear-engine hot rod using a 455 Olds Tornado motor with the complete drivetrain! I can't believe the ingenuety of some of these builders, so talented!
  24. Just found the Hot Rod article... Many more pictures and details!👍 https://www.hotrod.com/articles/twin-turbo-tucker-replica-fabricated-rob-ida/
  25. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2017/11/01/tucker-sema This is one of the coolest (and most expensive) custom cars I have ever seen using a Cadillac Northstar for a power plant! 550 hp. of GM's finest mounted just ahead of the rear axle, giving his car the perfect 50/50 chassis balance! 👌 I actually saw this car in this months subscription to Hot Rod magazine, and the story and pictures were just incredible. This car is almost entirely hand built, with some original Tucker parts as well. Just a jewel in my book! 😎
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