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R&R Rack and Pinion - horizontal or vertical?

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I need a new rack and pinion, and my mechanic wants to know whether it gets removed and replaced horizontally, meaning it comes out and goes back in laterally, or vertically, meaning gets dropped down, and lifted up.

He works from home and doesn't have a hoist, so, if it's a vertical job, then he can't do it and I have to find someone, which I don't really want to - I trust this guy. He's not the greatest mechanic, but, he's honest and capable.


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usually they are horizontal but Some are hit or miss. Alot come out through the area where the tie rods are. Never had to do one yet on one of these


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If he asked the question, he doesn't have a FSM. I would definitely get a FSM on hand before tackling this for the first time.

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Comes out the drivers side. Lower the subframe, remove the heat shield, pinch bolt, rear trans mount bolts to lower the subframe even more. Remove the lines and out the drivers side. It's tricky but you have to rotate the rack as it comes out.

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