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  1. coolnesss

    CTS Coupe Sunroof?

    THANKS, Bruce. Back to the hunt . . .
  2. coolnesss

    CTS Coupe Sunroof?

    I've been thinking bout buying a CTS Coupe. I went to see one - and the sunroof doesn't open - it only tilts up in back. Is this a thing? I'm in Hollywood, so an opening sunroof is a MUST.
  3. coolnesss

    Paint Code - Aztec Red?

    Richard, I'm told the paint code is on the bottom side of the spare tire cover. Hmmm. Yes, I've also heard of the color being known as Torch Red. THANKS
  4. I have a 2002 Collector's Edition Eldorado that's red. I need the paint code. Does anyone know what it is? I don't have the car with me and can't check it, but I need the code. THANKS.
  5. While speaking with a non-Cadillac friend about getting a new car, this nerd came up with articles about a (maybe) mythical new Eldorado. The link is below. There are similar links for 2017-2020 models. They look like nonsense, but the photo is hot! Does anyone know about this?
  6. coolnesss

    Orlando Florida Car Inspector

    I may go and I may not, depending. The cost of carrier-transporting it to California is less than the expense I'd incur driving it back from there, and money and time are tight right now. The car has less than 40k miles, so not a lot can be wrong, but, I bought a car with 28k miles on a Northstar engine one time, and a couple of years later the head bolts failed ---- and I don't know if an inspection at that time would have predicted the outcome, but, I'm loathe to buy a car without a compression test and a read of the code history. How far in the past can the best OBD reader find codes if they haven't been reset? And can a device detect whether and when they've been reset?
  7. I may buy an Eldorado located 30 minutes from Orlando, Florida. If I do, I want the car inspected by a real tech who will test the compression, code history, and such. Does anyone happen to know someone appropriate for that? And what might be an appropriate fee? And, are cars on the coast of Florida more prone to rust? THANKS!
  8. coolnesss

    2002 ETC A/C Compressor Noise

    Thanks! The compressor is maybe 10,000 miles old, so I'm going to get the clutch replaced. The AC clutch doesn't look like it has the bearing, so I'll get one of those too.
  9. coolnesss

    2002 ETC A/C Compressor Noise

    Thanks, Gents, for all the information! The A/C blows cold when the clutch is working. This is an intermittent condition, and seems to be generated by ambient temperature. When the car is at idle, though, even if the noise is not present, there's no appreciable cooling of the air going on. This has been going on for a long time, and I hadn't really paid attention, but, it seems to make sense that the clutch is slipping generally, which might be an indicator of the problem. The Compressor is after-market. If I buy an AC Delco clutch, is it a fair chancel it will fit? And, Amazon has a clutch bearing listed separately. Will I need that, or is that part of the clutch?
  10. My 2002 ETC with a rebuilt compressor a couple of years ago has developed an intermittent noise and failure to produce cold air. It's a noise coming from the compressor that sounds mostly like a kid's spinner with a ball bearing missing. And, looking at it, it looks like the pulley is a little wobbly while its rotating. And, in contrast to the prior day, it's not producing cold air. The noise is the same whether the A/C is turned on at the dash. It seems to be more noisy when the car is under acceleration. It has gone noisy and produced no cold air on days when it's real hot outside, and after a half-hour or so of driving. And mostly lately it's been working just fine. I attach a file with the noise. THANKS Jul 06, 2018 18_08_59.caf
  11. My 2002 ETC's seat memory doesn't work. It puts the seat in random positions, both for driving and for the exit function. It is intermittent. Sometimes works correctly for a few days or weeks, sometimes less. It doesn't move the seat when I'm driving, though. Codes are: RFA 1064 MSM - all of them it seems - about 6 I think. Is there a way to diagnose and fix this?
  12. coolnesss

    Power window control problem

    First aid is to spray WD40 down into the switches using the little red tube. Manipulate each switch as you spray. Do it alot. I've fixed several window switches this way.
  13. coolnesss

    Window Motor or Switch?

    Thank you Gents!
  14. The driver's window in my 2002 ETC is a problem now. For awhile, the window switch for the driver's side window worked intermittently. I applied WD40 and it worked for awhile, and then started failing again. About that time, the battery in the car was dying and was not providing proper voltage. The battery was replaced and the window started working fine again. But a couple of months after the battery was replaced, the window stopped working entirely. The passenger's side window works fine from the driver's side control. I have a switch, but, before I take it to the shop, should I have a motor too?
  15. coolnesss

    My DeVille Got Hit

    Yes, you're right it's unconscionable. Insurance companies used to be trusted, like banks, and that's not the case anymore. Insurers play the numbers, and they've found that it is not economical for them to fix the door on an older car. So, we have the option to take the money for the car, accept the salvage title, and fix the door. In many cases, people come out ahead doing that. But, not enough people know the tactic.