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  1. Think the Hollywood Sign, up on the mountain, and Laurel Canyon. Not the flatlands.
  2. I should have been clearer ---- So, if the hill isn't long enough to cause the brakes to overheat - as a general rule, does using an automatic transmission downshift to control speed down a hill cause premature wear? I'm driving a 2016 ATS V6 Coupe. Approximately 1/3 of my driving is done in hills, and typically I'm going down a hill more or less 5 or 7 blocks long, not on long grades.
  3. I often downshift to slow down a little when I'm driving in hills at speeds under 30mph or so, which I do alot because of where I live. Another motorhead told me that its better to brake. I said brakes wear out fast then. He said: yeah, but automatic transmissions cost 3 grand or more to rebuild. Are there any opinions on what is the best practice?
  4. As it turns out, it's covered by the bumper to bumper warranty which is still in force. The dealer ordered it from Cadillac, but, with the strike in force, they have no idea when it might show up. Thanks!
  5. I have a 2016 ATS and the windshield seems to be delaminating. There's telltale spotting around the perimeter of the windshield. The car's under warranty still, so, I can get it fixed. But, is this common or just a fluke? The car lived in Florida most of its life, and has 44k miles, but, it seems like it was garaged based on its appearance. Windshield copy.pdf
  6. I had to apply it every few months, and it worked each time. $40 or $50 bucks a year on an aged engine is a whole lot more efficient than spending 2k for a reseal of the engine. Then, the car busted another head gasket, and it went to a guy who's going to fix it. A good home. I was so sorry to see the car go. I got an ATS V6 coupe, and it is a great car, but, lacks the design grace of the Eldorado.
  7. Mike, that's why I'm trying to see if anyone knows a GOOD dealership around here. I need a transmission flush and such, and don't want to trust it to these people. It's covered by the warranty on the car, so, I should take it to Cadillac. Thanks again! I've heard it used by old-school mechanics when a repair place leaves the car out in the sunshine hoping it will get fixed without actually laying a hand on it.
  8. I've heard it used by old-school mechanics when a repair place leaves the car out in the sunshine hoping it will get fixed without actually laying a hand on it.
  9. I took my ATS to Casa de Cadillac and I'm less than pleased with them. They gave the "sunshine treatment" to one problem. Was this a one-time thing - or does anyone know of a good Cadillac dealer in the LA area? My car's under warranty still, so I need them to do a couple of things. THANKS
  10. This site is a wealth of GOOOOD information. I don't do anything on my car without consulting here first.
  11. I got it figured out if this happens to someone - I guess the parking brake never got used in Florida before I had the car - I engaged it while rolling down a canyon road for a quarter mile or so, and it now works like a champ. I suspect the brake shoes were not broken in.
  12. Mike, thanks for your note - but it's a mechanical rumble/vibration. It reacts to a slight throttle application at speed - at various speeds from 40 or so all the way up to about 70 or so. A good push on the accelerator at the same speeds doesn't produce the rumble. It's a slight application of more throttle. And it fits the description in the TSB perfectly. The tires are fine, pressures are all at spec.
  13. This car does not have the electronic parking brake. They are separate shoes that expand like old style brake shoes and make contact on the inside surface of the rotors - as on the photo attached. The shoes are #9 on the diagram.
  14. 2016 ATS Coupe V6 Automatic had what felt like a driveline rumble when doing about 50mph up, and when I gave it a little throttle to speed up a little bit - not enough to provoke a gear change. It almost felt like the transmission was searching for a new gear - but that's just conjecture. Then I took a road trip for 200 miles, mostly at fairly high speeds most of the way - 70-120 - and it seems like the rumble went away. There's a TSB on the condition attached. Is it possible that the high-speed driving cleared this up? The dealer, of course, wanted to sell me new tires.
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