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No, not that kind of help, more like a psychiatrist....... :yupi3ti: Yesterday I picked up another Baby Cadillac! :yupi3ti: 1990 Eldo Biarritz. Triple white. In need of some TLC but basically solid an well taken care of. Originally exported to Saudi Arabia and later shipped to Sweden. Looks nice standing next to my -90 Seville. B)


Is it still possible to get interior part for a 1990 in the US? The left door needs a new inside. White whit black rug insert at the bottom.

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Congrats on the new Cadillac. I like the look of those years. Have you worked out the part number of the inside door lining?


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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Sorry. I´ve lost my regular image server due to overload. Any suggestions?

The way I do pictures to forums is...

Get a free Photobucket account...

Upload your pictures to the free account...

Make a few folders to organize your pictures if you want to...

When you move the mouse over a picture, there will be three horizontal bars on the lower left corner of the picture.

Move the mouse over the bars and a menu will drop down...

Click on SHARE LINKS...

Click on the bottom one...IMG Codes

Then come to the forum and do a RIGHT CLICK and then left click on PASTE and your FULL SIZE picture is then here.

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The battery looses power if not driven. Previous owner has installed a breaker on it. After charging the battery and turning on the breaker I noticed a minute "humming". VERY minute! Sounds like a pump or fan. Can feel it when touching the engine. Sound comes from right side of engine. What is that?????? And why does it come on?

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wonder if it's the compresor ? when I first got my Eldo the battery would drain overnight , found the relay stuck on for the ac compressor.....might be a possibility ?

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