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Fuel Pump replacement cost and labor. Am I getting ripped off?

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I brought my car to the dealer I purchased it from after getting some quotes running about $800.00. (Dealer's always been good to me in the past..)

It was diagnosed with a fuel supply of about 15 psi, so they say I need a new pump. Have to remove tank. Total cost for that will be $950.00-1000.00!!!

Just called a local auto supply shop and was told the entire fuel pump assembly is about $300.00. WHOA.

It's a 97 with 90K miles on it. Figure it may need it's first plugs and wires right?? I think I may left in there a bit too long???

They quoted me $600.00 for new plugs and wires. Dropped if off on Sunday so they could start Monday..Haven't heard back from them yet other than the price quotes..

Called this morning and was told by the receptionist they're not done yet. I declined her offer to speak with the mechanic to avoid hearing bad news.

Any thoughts?? It is a good dealership that sells Caddies..

Thank you in advance, and hope this post isn't too long. :unsure: HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

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They are screwing you... A fuel pump R&R is a DIY job 1-1/2 hours labor max. That's using a creeper and not a car lift. No way would I pay more than 1-1/2 hrs. labor (more like 1 hour with a shop that had a lift) plus parts for that job.

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They are overcharging you for both the tune up and the pump. Its too late now, unless you can find a coupon for the dealer repairs, or sometimes (if you belong to Costco), you can get a discount at participating dealers.

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Did you say 600.00 for plugs and wires?

even if the plugs were 10.00 a pop and wires were 100.00, which are both really high priced

That would mean you still payed 420.00 for about 1.5 hours worth of work, probably less. I can do them in 45 minutes.

dealer wanted to charge me 100.00 to change my plugs on my seville, While the engine was removed, I did not pay that,

You can usually expect to pay a shop about 600.00 to replace a fuel pump unit. about 250 for the unit and the rest labor.

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