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That is a good deal, but The quality may not be as good as the delphi. Cheaper is not always better. I wonder what the actual brand is of these units. Standard is the most common aftermarket, but both for 170 sounds fishy even for ebay. I payed more than that for 1.

I see they list it with a 10 year warranty so they may be pretty confident in the quality. Anyone here buy any?


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Just saying, I just went through this. I bought a unit from Rock Auto (standard brand I think) There was a problem (missing spring) they replaced it at once no questions, no hassles. Price was right too.

Go Rock Auto.

Cadillac Al

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Curious: Did new coil resolve problem?

After changing #4 plug and boot, and front coil, I'm still getting the misfire code! Newest suggestion is to check compression and plug wire. Car continues to run smooth, but has only slightly less pep than it had until just recently.

Didn't swap front coil with rear coil as suggested on her only because it's a tough job and I can no longer do the work (bending) myself. Bit the bullet and purchased the new front coil from Rock Auto; great source and was recommended on here.

New engine was installed 18 months ago and 15K miles back by dealer and ran great until just six months ago. Been running the car daily since code appeared, but worry about continued driving with that code in there and any damage that may result. Don't want Mama breaking down out there either!!!!!!

Any advise is welcome.

SteveM in MD

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A word about Rock Auto and Delphi...

I ordered some Delphi O2 sensors from Rock Auto.

They showed up....they were Bosch O2 sensors with a 'Delphi' sticker on the baggie.


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