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  1. barczy01 Thanks for the review of my inquiry As of now, (:37, 12/31/17 EST I have not received the Car Fax you were going to send. Would you kindly send it to my email address to expedite? Thanks much, Steve
  2. I am requesting someone on the Forum to kindly run a Car Fax report for me if possible. Several years ago I purchased a used 2007 DTS from a local Cad dealer. I did not receive a Car Fax Report. I am a 100% Disabled Veteran and yesterday a U.S Dept. of Veterans Affairs, (USDVA) contract mechanic attempted to install a USDVA Provided" Trailer Hitch on the car that would allow me to tow the "Scooter Ramp Trailer" also provided by the VA. The mechanic could not do the install and said I need to go to a U Haul facility and have them do the install. He also inquired if my car had ever incurred rear-end collision. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer. Thank you kindly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to so that I can expedite the installation and be able to use the scooter ASAP. 2007 Cadillac DTS Model VIN #: 1 G 6 K D 5 7 9 8 7 U 1 5 9 4 9 6
  3. Hey rockfangd, Thanks for the response and the advice. Urgent response is needed. Taking car to get trade in estimate the morning and would like everything working. Is there a special too I need topull the plugs that hold the trunk liner, or can i improvise, like with a wide screw driver? Email would be quickest way to respond. Regards, Pgh. Steve
  4. Hey Lister's, The store clerk offered to load items into the trunk for this old timer. Unfortunately, one item was too high and interfered with the lid closing properly. I now have intermittent problems with opening the trunk with the key fob, or the button on the dash. Fortunately, The key will open the trunk. This has also affected the brake light mounted on the trunk lid which is no longer working. Should I get stopped by law enforcement due to the light not working, I believe I have only 10 days to have it repaired in MD before they suspend the registration, so there is a bit of urgency to this request for help. I'll appreciate any suggestions on a fix. Email responses are welcome: Thanks much
  5. Son installed complete OEM pump out of the box. No codes showing after the R & R of the fuel pump, and car is running fine. BUT . . . last night the message "Theft Protection" popped up again. Shut down engine for a few minutes and message has not reappeared???? I filled the tank and will check to see if R & R did anything at all to resolve problem with inaccurate fuel reading. Next job will be to replace fuel filter ASAP. Pgh Steve
  6. Bruce, Installed a new OEM fuel pump and car running fine, but fuel gauge still not working accurately. ImyIndy suggest the 2000 Deville may not have a fuel filter!! Can you tell me where the fuel sende runits are on wife's 2000 Deville? Thanks much, Steve
  7. RE. Sorry for my mistake. This Post should have initially been posted under the 200 DeVille category. R & R of OEM fuel pump resolved problem. Some additional tips for R & R fuel pump on the 2000 Deville: The pump is located under the spare tire, and you have to be 'nimble' to get to it. A large person might have difficulty working in the confined area. I 'think' a 7mm socket was used to remove the cover over the fuel tank? SAFTY ISSUE: Most importantly, to avoid sparks, a heavy "Brass" hammer and punch is recommended to remove the approx. 5" diameter ring holding the fuel pump in place! Removing the approx. 5" ring that holds the pump in place can, (no, is difficult to remove) due to possible rust! It took many strikes with a heavy hammer and use of a long 12" -18" +, flat edged punch or large flat head screw driver to get this ring to rotate/loosen, (counter clock-wise). Son used a wire brush to remove rust from the ring before the reinstall! Again, a heavy "Brass" hammer and punch is recommended to remove this ring to avoid sparks! Have a large rag handy! The fuel pump is tall, and needs to be tilted to remove. Not a major problem, but the pump has a reservoir of gas which spilled out upon removal of the old fuel pump. Use of a small siphon hose might be helpful to remove this small amount of gas to prevent spilling and residual gasoline odors after the R & R. Finally, when the car was first started after the R & R, it ran like it was running on 'four' cylinders. After letting the car idle for several minutes, car was back to running smooth as silk. Checked codes after driving 12 miles and found none present. Drove car approximately 30 miles the following day and no problems presented. Thanks Listers. Pgh. Steve
  8. Logan, Thanks so much for the prompt response. I'm one of those wacko persons that can't stand to have something sitting around 'broke' and I'm quite uncomfortable without a back up vehicle in the garage. Unfortunately, your comments were way over my head, but I will share then with my neighbor who is much more savvy than I. He read the codes last night and determined that the culprit is the fuel pump. I did mention in my post that the fuel gauge has been inaccurate for several weeks now. He'll pick up a complete fuel pump tomorrow; not too difficult a job and my son will do the install tomorrow night. Thanks again, and I'll continue to share my experiences with The Forum. Pgh Steve
  9. Lister's, A few weeks ago I was happy to report that, upon installing a new OEM gas cap, the Check Engine Soon Light on the dash no longer appears. Unfortunately, that happy moment lasted only about a week (100 Miles) , my bubble burst and the message is back to greet me each time I drive the car. Now, a more serious problem has presented: Car ran fine on Wed. Wife tried to start car on Thurs. When she releases her foot from the gas pedal, the car stalls. Car will continue to run as long as gas pedal is depressed bkut I'm reluctant to take the car on the road to have my local Indy take a look. Also, fuel gauge is inaccurate again after replacing fuel pump twice. At this time I'm urgently hoping for some advice from The List before I call a tow truck. Any help will be appreciated. Response by email is AOK: Following codes were displayed through the dash: IPCU 1000 HISTORY IPMB 0425 VT DBD 2734 PCM P0106 P386 SDMU 1040 HISTORY VTD B1000 HISTORY. No ABS, AMP, DDM, DDS, DIMLRD, MSM, PDM, RCC, FTA, RIM, RRD.
  10. Fuel Gauge is erratic and not accurate on wife's 2000 DeVille; 185K on the vehicle, 20K on a new engine installed to resolve oil leak. This is the third time I've experienced this problem in the past 2 - 3 years on this vehicle. I'm no longer physically able to do the R & R on this part, located under the spare tire, and it's getting expensive when performed by my local Indy or the dealer at $350-$425.00 a pop. I've tried the Techron Concentrate in the past with no success. Inconvenient, but I'm now recording the 'Trip Mileage' and filling the tank at 250 mile intervals. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks much, Pgh. Steve
  11. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. What a pleasant surprise. Drove wife's 2000 DeVille this AM and, after two years of staring at the amber "Check Engine Soon" message on the dash, it was gone! Some of you may have followed my initial, (05 /07/2014), and numerous repeated posts on the subject CHECK ENGINE SOON, or were kind enough to respond with advice and suggestion. To those folks I want to offer my deepest appreciation for your indulgence and responses with suggestions. Unfortunately, the quick and easy solution: "Make sure the gas cap is securely tightened" suggestion didn't work. And, until a few days ago, no one mentioned to "Inspect" the gas cap, . . . . . and the condition of the gasket! After contending with the threatening warning message for so long, I elected to follow the advice of the young guy at the local auto parts store who is experiencing the same issue; "Live with it"! I've done so until a few days ago when I was chatting with my new neighbor, once a mechanic and now owner of a used car business. He admired the condition of the wife's Diamond White, 2000 DeVille, and inquired how it was running. When I mentioned the 'Ck Eng. Soon Message', he proceeded to pull the gas cap and the tender strap from the car. Assuming he was merely checking to see if the cap was securely attached, I wasn't expecting any 'revelations'; I religiously twist the cap 7 times when reinstalling the cap. I was not expecting him to approach me, gas cap and tender strap in hand, and point to some verym, very fine cracks in the gasket on the cap, a condition I never looked for and that my 82 year old eyes had failed to detect when giving the gas cap a quick inspection. The next day I cleared any codes and installed a new OEM gas cap; $19.95 from Auto zone. After rechecking the codes only the following now remain: IPM B0429, IRCU 016 History and PCM P0300. My wife then drove the car for approx. 8 miles before the Ck. Eng. Soon message reappeared. darn! The following day when I started the car, the warning message was gone and has not presented again after driving approximately 110 miles. Car is running like a fine Swiss watch, I'm keep my fingers crossed, and I'm very much relieved that this may have resolved my problem. A few weeks ago I also posted that, on only one recent occasion, I had a 'Check Theft System' message appear. A suggestion made by the dealer regarding this message was to try a different ignition key! That message has not reappeared and I don't know where it has gone! Fortunately, the cause of my Check Eng. Soon warning message has (so far) not appeared to have been serious enough to cause damage to the CAT or other components of the engine over the years, many of which I had been cautioned about on The List. My rationale was that I didn't want to keep throwing $$$ at the 2000 car with 120K on the odometer without some assurance that an expensive repair may or may not resolve the problem. The dealer, and too many qualified mechanics were offering too many 'possibilities' that needed to be 'explored'. Sorry for the long dissertation here, but I did want to inform our serious Lister's of the resolution, and thank everyone involved for their continued patience with me regarding this annoying problem that has turned out well. Happy Easter Everyone! Pgh Steve
  12. Steve M. in MD would like to jump in to this Post to seek further advice, regarding 2000 DeVille, 20K on new engine, 120K on odometer. Last week I was blessed with the "Check Security System" msg on our 2000 DeVille. A few days later, the "Check Theft System" msg. appeared. NOTE: The "Check Engine Soon" msg has been present on this car for over two years! Replacing the Crank Case Position Sensor(s), (CPS) twice, cleaning and checking connections has failed to resolve the Check Engine Soon CPS Code issue. Both Coils and suspect #4 spark plug and boot failed to correct problem also. Numerous suggestions from The List didn't produce a solution to the Check Engine msg and I've now learned to live with that msg staring me in the face. Yesterday I cleared all codes. Only the Check Engine Soon and the Check Theft System messages reappeared after driving the car for 10-20 mile/minutes. Problem persists regardless of using #1 or #2 ignition key! Physical limitations require that I will need son's help later today to disconnect (R&R) battery cables as has been suggested. Regarding the "Theft' warning msg, do I have to be concerned about wife getting stranded with this car? Appreciate any suggestions offered.
  13. Gentlemen, Somewhere along the line I must have mistakenly projected the idea that I possess a much higher level of mechanical ability and knowledge than I really do. Many of the tests suggested, ie. balance drop, PCM Ground Circuity Verification, verification of the fuel pressure regulator, are 'foreign terms' to me. Rather than continue to impose on the time of the kind Listers that have shared their knowledge and tried to assist with a solution I'm going to drop back, 'try' to forget about the 'Ck Engine Soon' and PCM 0386 Code, and hope the Security & Theft messages do not present again. I do have the 2007 DTS Performance model to fall back on for now. Although, the wife would definitely prefer to have access to her own car. Should the problem persist that is causing the 'Check Engine Soon' light to remain on, (and the car keeps running) I'm already looking down the road to the sad day when it becomes necessary to upgrade, and replace the vehicle. Due to our age, disabilities and low miles driven per year my wife and I both qualify to have the State Emmissions Test waived. (Wierd Emissions Test regulations here in MD)! I've accepted that disability (and possibly even old, (older) age), will be with us till the end of time! When/if we do ever exceed the the mileage limitation, (2500 per year), the car will not pass the Emissions test, and we'll have only 15 days to have necessary repairs made to the vehicle before the State suspends the registrationBy that time I expect the repairs will cost more than the value of the vehicle and I'll have a beautiful 2000 Diamond White, Tan Canvass Top Deville in great shape cosmetically, with relatively low mileage on the engine, that will get dropped off at the salvage yard. Thanks once again for all the help, and I'll be sure to run a "Post" on any future developments. Steve in MD
  14. New engine installed by dealer in March, 2010. First time Crank Case Position Sensors were replaced was May, 2012. Second time wasn't until Oct., 2013. Wiring and connections were checked during these instances and I suspect a wiring problem would have shown up sooner? New coil that was installed in Oct., 2014 was OEM! Re. 'Remember' what I doing when light came on after driving 10 miles??? Not too long ago I finally found my set of car keys that I 'accidentally' left inside the freezer while storing frozen foods from the grocery! Hell to turn 40 . . . . twice!
  15. Put about 40 miles on the car yesterday, 3/17/2017 after clearing all codes through the instrument panel. The "Check Engine Soon" light returned after driving the car about 10 miles. No other codes have appeared ref. Security or Theft system! Hopefully resetting the system has now corrected those problems? F Y I: I've listed a few previous incidents and history ref. the Crankcase Position Sensors (CPS) in this car: 5/10/12 – Mileage = 96,000 NOTE: Code P 0 3 8 6. Per Cadillac dealer, CPS's not covered under warranty on new engine which was earlier dealer installed on 3/2010 @ 85K to resolve oil leak. Dealer est. cost to replace both CPS's = $450.00 and they recommended replace both A & B Crankcase Position Sensors! 5/14/12 – Indy mechanic replaced both Crankcase Position Sensors. Total cost: Parts $95. Labor: $25. 10/27/13 – Check Engine light on again. Indy mechanic checked wiring connections and light is now off. 10/30/13 - Mileage @ 104,989: Indy replaced both upper Crankcase Position Sensor again; AC Delco Part # 21 213 1578 and lower Crankcase Position Sensors; AC Delco Part # 21 213 1579 with OEM parts from Parts cost: approx. $101.73. Labor $40.00; took one hour. Dealer est. to do this job was approx. $325.00 and I don't think that included parts? Very hard to reach these sensors; requires small hands and long ratchet extension(s)! Took car to Auto zone to have Code reset to zero after these parts were installed to clear "Service Engine Soon" message! NOTE: Indy later calibrated the CPS's when the Check Engine Light reappeared about a month later. 5/16/14 – A "Misfire" Code appeared. After replacing spark plug boot and spark plug, cylinder #4, CPS Code resolved on # 4 cylinder. 10/1/14 – CPS Code reappears and Indy installed new front coil. Did not resolve problem. 3//18/2017-Code remains on as of 3/18/2017!