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This is insane!

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There was a European YouTube personality with the pseudonym "Ghost Rider" that posed insane speed and stunt videos using a helmet cam a few years ago. He died doing a new video for YouTube. There have been a slew of imitators, some of whom have also died.

You can see that a plastic bag in the breeze could kill this guy. Someone in a car that doesn't see or notice him could accidentally cut him off or brush him as he passes. A gust of wind or irregularity in the pavement that is not noticeable at legal speed could put him airborne. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Then, there's the rare but very real possibility of a flock of birds, a deer, or a wild turkey...

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If I read the speedometer right and did the conversion right... he got up to 179 MPH...
That's a little too fast for me on two wheels... I have never been over 135 mph on a motorcycle.

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The highest speed I saw in the video was 294 km/h which is almost 183 MPH. Waaaay to fast for me...

The interesting thing I noticed is that most (everyone?) got out of his way by moving into the right lane. Here, idiots would hog the left lane, slow down, slam on their brakes, etc.

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It looks like the movie is from somewhere in Sweden. Besides him speeding I just got to tell you that I hate those 1+2 lane roads. People drive like 50 mph on the one lane stretches and suddenly they find the accelerator when the road becomes a two lane road. The same people that just drove at 50 mph speeds up to 75-80 mph just to keep others from passing them. I also always seem to catch up with slow traffic just as the two lanes merges back to one lane. If I can I avoid these roads and take smaller ones I'll do that.

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