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  1. Hey Jan
    I have a friend in his 80s with a 81 Eldorado Barritz his mechanic swapped out the computer loosing the memcal chips any chance you might know where I can help him find either the memcals or a salvage computer?

    1. Jan Olsson

      Jan Olsson

      Hi Dave!

      It is rare that a computer fails in a Cadillac and I have never personally had to replace one. I would say that a computer is one of the very few objects that I would buy from a salvage yard just because they never seem to fail but I guess that they a hard to come by since the car is fourty years old.

      Other sources/solutions would be:

      1) have the mechanic to replace the computer at no additional cost, they messed it up...

      2) Ebay, Amazon etc. Google it. I suggest that you find out what engine option the Eldo have to be sure to find the right part. I found this info: Problem with 1981 Eldorado ECM and PROMS (cadillaclasalleclub.org)

  2. Kör du på 10W-30 olja vilken som helst av syntet, delsyntet eller mineral. Problemet är att i USA kostar mineral och syntet ungefär detsamma. I Sverige är det en faktor två på priset. Bilen klarar vilket som. En bil som har några år på nacken läcker däremot lite mindre med mineral eller delsyntet. Jag har för mig att du inte har rullföljarna på kammarna, kom väl -01 eller -02 och då ska du ha något som klarar av glidningen som uppstår och då dagens oljor är framtagna med dagens motorer i åtanke så är de också framtagna med rullföljare etc i åtanke. Som sagt, en nyare olja borde vara bättre m
  3. If I ever win on lottery I'm going to get me a V16. Only two car manufacturers ever produced a V16 engine for a commercial vehicle, Cadillac and Marmon. Cadillac made two designs! The solution at the time to get smooth power delivery and few gear changes
  4. Hi! I just wanted to re-introduce myself since it was a long time ago. I'm a male, 46 years old, with wife and a daughter, nine years old. I don't really consider myself to be one of the lucky guys in the world but I'm not a very social kind of person and that goes hand in hand. I have been unemployed the latest two recessions for a couple of years (in Sweden it is the last guy employed who is the first guy who gets sacked when a company needs to shrink their employee force) and have moved around quite a bit (in Sweden) just to keep myself occupied. You know the kind, the guy with
  5. Hi I just wanted to chime in. I have had 2 engines with the Northstar engine and both achieved at least 360 k miles in total without problems. Regular coolant changes is the biggest contributing factor to keep the head gaskets happy according to the "guru", a guy working on GM perfomance division. Change every two years if Dex-Cool is the factory fill. Every year if it is the green stuff.
  6. Hi I’m ni longer interrested in this item. Thanks anyway.
  7. Hi all! I thought I would do a write up on what "problems" I have encountered over the years so far. Being that I drive about 25 k miles a year I have to do regular services more frequently of course, I also encounter problems more frequently than the average car owner will do. Bear in mind that I have owned Cadillacs and relied upon them as daily drivers since 2002 and am quite familiar with them and always do what work needs to be done by myself except from lately. This is because I have access to a very small garage and my rule of thumb is “if I can’t close the garage door after me whe
  8. The P1372 code and MAP sensor are unrelated. P1106 was the code for the MAP sensor so it makes sence that you still got the P1372 BEFORE the Crankshaft Position Sensors were replaced. Are there still codes precent after the Crankshaft Position Sensors were replaced? If not then there is another problem and it has propably something to do with the MAP connections since it is the only other code you have got. From my own experiences it seems rare that a sensor breaks. Usually bad connections and damaged wiring seems to be the problem. The Crankshaft Position Sensors are located on a tight
  9. I would also pull the MAP-connector (it sits on top of the throttle body), spray it with WD40 and disconnect/connect the connector 10-15 times. This excercise cleans the connector and restores the connectivity. Also try to wiggle the cables with car running and see if you can get it to stall. If you have a problem with a bad connection (apart from the oxides that you cleaned away in the previous step) it can either be the connector itself or the wires. I had a code for the MAP-sensor a couple of years ago and a little love and WD40 solved it
  10. Hi all! I’ve just returned home after a total of 2000 miles of driving. We went to southern Bavaria through Denmark for a week J The temperatures was about 90-95F but the V didn’t mind, until I smelled coolant when I was fueling it up…because of a lousy dealer job. Some of you might remember that I let an authorized dealership change the compressor free of charge (replacement because of abnormal sounds). I almost always do what needs to be done on my own cars but since the compressor isn’t exactly free of charge I had to let a shop do the work to get it for free. I told them t
  11. I correct myself. It should say "The most powerful narrow gauge steam loco in Germany". The most powerful german steam loco is I believe the series 44 (standard gauge). It would be nice to ride a passenger express train like the series 18. It can manage express trains up to 110 mph!
  12. It has really served me well. I still expect to see it on the parking lot sometimes when I look out the window.
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