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1997 Eldorado ETC


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Hey guys and gals,

Just bought my first Cadillac and I haven't been this excited about a car for a long long time.

Exterior is near perfect beige. Just real clean.

Runs great with 157,000. New radiator, breaks and battery. New tires.

Interior is 1997. Little rough. Leather cracking a bit. CD player in the trunk doesn't work but radio does fine.

Passenger window won't go up so I don't roll down for now. Horn doesn't work.

No AC compressor. Fixed a fog light and trunk latch wouldn't pull down so I took the motor and switch off and made it manual for now.

But it runs great...very nice. Fun and comfortable. Paid 1700 and plan on making it car #3/project/tinker but for now she's an everyday. Hopefully that will change in a few months.

Wanted to introduce..I'll be a lurker and a sponge mostly.



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The CD player in the trunk is a Pioneer and is quite reliable. The one problem that they do have is CD jamming, which happens when you leave the car for service or work the the mechanics try to put their own music in it and screw it up.

You take out the cartridge by opening the door to it on the side of the player. The door slides open. Once you do that, the cartridge ejects in a few seconds.

When you take out the cartridge, if a CD is still in the play position, it won't come out with the cartridge. You have to be quick or it will eject the CD and jam the cartridge. Don't force it, of course. If you can't get the cartridge outgently, unplug it and take out the three bolts holding it and take it inside where you can work on it with good light and comfort and work loose the cartridge and the jammed CD, if any. If you can't do it, take it to a CD player repair facility that you trust.

The CD's go into the cartridge upside-down, with the label not showing and the shiny side up. If you see any CDs the other (conventional) way around, that's a sure sign that someone who doesn't know how it works has been fooling with it.

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Congrats. I'm sure you're going to love your Eldorado. I have a '97 Eldorado too. I'm the original owner and have been driving it for nearly 18 years now as a daily driver. It has about 135,000 miles on it now and is still running strong. These are beautiful cars that still look great on the road, especially since you don't see cars from this era every day. Best of luck with your Eldorado. I'm sure you'll love this site too. Everyone is very helpful. A really great resource.

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congrats. Pics please.

Dont be a stranger .There is tons of useful info so you have come to the right place.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Get that air conditioner fixed as soon as you can. A caddy aint a caddy without air. I had a 96 and it was a great car. Wish I had pictures but never took one. You should get some and post here for all to enjoy.

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