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  1. More information and photo's of the condition he left the man's Cadillac in after Carroll dropped it off at the Princeton, Texas, Walmart: http://victimsoftimcarroll.blogspot.com/2017/05/tim-carroll-sued-in-collin-county.html
  2. Yes it is all true. Tim Carroll is a fraudster. I can personally tell you that Tim Carroll has stolen nearly $8,000 from me as well as my Eldorado. This is all being covered more fully on the Victims of Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac blog: http://victimsoftimcarroll.blogspot.com/ This website needs to stop promoting Carroll and delete all references to him. The list of people that he has out right defrauded and stolen from is growing. This web site does not need to be a part of misleading people about this criminal. If you've been defrauded by Carroll, the Collin County Sh
  3. There is also a place in Hatfield, Pa., J's Auto Service on School Road. jsauto.net
  4. Hate to hear it. If you want to save it, to repair the HG at a later date, I'd look for some tips on how to prepare it for long term storage.
  5. I sure hope that it's a stopped up purge line or bad cap. Overheating while going up a hill is a classic blown head gasket sign. How is the exhaust? Is it whitish? Can you smell any coolant in it? Is there any way you could post some photos or short video clips?
  6. I'm certainly no expert but probably around the frame and firewall would be good places to look.
  7. Thanks guys. I was trying to say that it sounded like a hard wire problem rather than a software one.
  8. If you could get the electrical schematic of the steering wheel the problem must be in there or start from there. Is the Traction Control wiring part of the original system (A/C?) that started giving you trouble? Or does the TC wiring run near it that it could be affected somehow, by a broken or shorted wire nearby? Does your radio act up when the A/C is on the fritz?
  9. @Samert: I hear ya now. lol @ me. I have to withdraw my support seeing as how the whole Tim Carroll/Carroll Custom Cadillac thing is a huge hoax: http://www.victimsoftimcarroll.blogspot.com/
  10. Beautiful Caddy. The XLR (&V) are my next favorite model after the '92-'02 Eldo. Have you conditioned the leathers yet? In this heat, I'd recommend Leatherique. Prestine Clean or Detailer's Pro all the gaskets and rubber. It doesn't look like it'll be too terribly hard to keep clean.
  11. Not bad. If I was the designer, I would probably make the front end call to mind, say a '33 Ford Coupe. https://www.google.com/search?q=33+ford+coupe
  12. The Waxoyl treatment is interesting to me, although there aren't any application centers outside the east coast & Wisconsin and it's expensive.
  13. These are the cars no one wants to buy. 10. Cadillac ATS > Days in inventory: 138.1 > 2014 unit sales: 29,890 > MSRP: $33,215 A Cadillac ATS spent an average of about 138 days on dealers' lots before it was sold, the 10th longest time of all other car models last year. Cadillac sold nearly 30,000 units of the luxury sedan in 2014, nearly 20% of all Cadillac's annual unit sales. Because ATS represents a large portion of the maker's business and floundering sales, GM laid off workers at its ATS factory in Lansing, Michigan. The ATS is one of three Cadillac models with the longest d
  14. Wow. Here's one time the government took into account personal responsibility: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102572795
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