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what do I sell it for? 85 coupe DeVille blown head gasket

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Ok just found out my pretty 1985 coupe DeVille almost mint condition now has a blown head gasket. I did research and found out these 4100 v8 motors are known for this problem. My issue now is that I don't know what price to sell it for. I bypassed the heater core so it's going to need that. The power windows have issues with going up and down and of course the head gasket. It has 125,000 miles on it, was running great. Transmission has no problem,the body and Interior of the car is beautiful absolutely no rust. Its a good solid car it just needs those things fixed or possibly if you find a motor to drop in it would be better. I would but I can't afford to do it. I wanna try and get as much out of it as I can as well as see it go to a good home. I'm only the third owner. The guy I bought it from got it from his mother who bought it brand new in 85 I'm just wondering how much I should sell it for or what I would get out of it. I don't wanna scrap it. Please help me out here guys!

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If I was on a shoestring, I would look at a used engine. If not, then doing the head gaskets on an OHV V8 like the 4.1 is not too big a job to do yourself.

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Head gaskets going bad are rare in a 4.1 (HT-4100) engine. The more common failure is the intake manifold gaskets. How was a bad headgasket diagnosed?

Replacing the intake maifold gaskets is not too bad of a job. The car as is is worth $500 at best in my opinion.

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Put in some head gasket sealer...... Should work as a stop gap till ya get a new ride. It worked for years on Pops 85 Deville long ago

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