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  1. Ok, try this then, Run a wire directly to the starter positive post and then touch it to the positive side of the battery and see if it works. Again this is something that I did on the SLS while I was having trouble with the starter . I put it the car together and it worked a few times till I got a new one......
  2. Just because your starter tested good, doesn't mean that it is good under load..... I replaced the one in the 95 SLS with a rock auto one and it works every time rather than when it wanted to.....
  3. Put in some head gasket sealer...... Should work as a stop gap till ya get a new ride. It worked for years on Pops 85 Deville long ago
  4. No problem, Like I said, the 95 SLS does this sometimes and seems to be fine at the moment.
  5. Happens intermittently on the 95 SLS...... Solution is to feel around where the e brake arm goes under the dash and just to the right of it you will feel the manual release. Keep your foot on the brake pad so it doesn't bite you on the way up....
  6. Just got through repairing both window regulators..... very simple fix and works perfectly Here are the links to the videos that I used... http://www.devillewindowregulators.com/video-repair-deville-window-regulators/ I didn't follow the repair with the putty though, the wire I used was plenty
  7. Just found all the info at youtube university....
  8. Aaahhhhhuuuuugggghh...... Just got home and my daughter tells me the drivers glass is now doing the same thing....... Checked it out and sure enough :-(
  9. Seems like the panel is held by some clips and a small screw at the pull..... need a stubby driver which is at work. Proceeded to clamp wood shims on either side of the glass and was able to yank it into the closed position where it is currently wedged. On a whim, I pushed the down switch and it will go down and back up but wont hold it in the up position. Any ideas?
  10. The first problem has shown itself on the 04 DTS........ Anyone removed the rear panels? If so, care to elaborate? Thanks......
  11. Installed a new heater core in the 95 and decided for the heck of it, to do a block test...... No anti freeze/ coolant, just water and car up to operating temperature..... Fluid turns green immediately,,,, My daughter drove the heck out of this car for three years and this being the first time that I have done a block test on it, I assume that it has not happened all of a sudden and in fact has been this way since I acquired it.... The car doesn't overheat but it does fluctuate between 220 and 210 regularly......... Am I to assume that this block test is only a suggestion that there may be a problem? Did I scare the owner of the 98 that I looked at needlessly by telling him it was on the way out when it could still get many more years of trouble free service? I am planning on selling the 95 to my renter with full disclosure, and since I can, I will monitor the car while he has it and see if the "failing HG" gets any worse or just remains the same....
  12. Glad I clicked on this thread as the DTS has the fobs AND my daughter has a bunch of extra weight on it. The keys have the elongated slot still and I actually commented to her how easy it is to turn the ignition switch.... obviously not good combination.
  13. The DTS Platinum s a really nice car... I wish I could run onto one that had real low mileage and wasn't priced thru the roof... What constitutes a platinum DTS? The one we got hast the faux convertible roof, gold grille and emblems.... thankfully, it wasn't priced through the roof and has fairly low miles. 107k
  14. First of all the car is beautiful, perfectly maintained and low miles but that's not the WOW! The "WOW!" is who we bought it from....... Get this, we bought it from one of the founding members of Hall of fame inductees The Ventures! Saw the gold records and the Hall of Fame trophy! Awesome nice guy who is really going to miss his Caddy but was happy it was going to a good home!
  15. Gonna go look at a 04 DTS tomorrow, a little more expensive but in near perfect condition. Original owner, normal oil consumption, dealer maintained, many new parts, always garaged and so on and so forth.... http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/4511007656.html
  16. Thanks Guys, He wanted 2700 for it and had it not tested bad, it would have been worth the asking price. Oh well, for now, I am just going to fix the heater core in the 95 and keep it going as it has really been a good car. I'm still on the lookout for an 04 and they are out there, just hard to get cause they go fast when they pop up like this for instance, http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/4512339270.html not a seville but........
  17. Went to look at a 98 STS today with 138,000 that was/ is in near perfect condition (of course) and while doing the block test I found the following.... Owner had started the car before we got there, car was warm but not up to temperature. No pressure under the cap. Applied the tester and pumped it up and created a vacuum, fluid stayed blue and perfect and I thought we were home free..... Started the car and let it reach operating temperature and once it did there was some bubbling in the tester and the fluid proceeded to turn green. Turned car off, removed tester and took it for a quick drive around the block and up some hills, There was no change in temperature via the gauge. Returned to the drive way and re tested and the fluid turned green immediately. It was at that point that I told the owner that I suspected the HG was on it's way out and that I couldn't take the chance on a complete failure. He was not disappointed and was genuinely appreciative on the information that I gave him on the car. He sent me an email after and said he was going to try Bars stop leaks and I am not sure that's going to do anything for it but haven't said so........ What do you guys think? Thanks!
  18. Just ripped out the passenger carpet and found that it is coolant..... heater core would be the suspect How can I bypass it and get some more work outta this thing? Thanks again!
  19. Hey guys, Been awhile since I've posted as the 95 has been doing great untill yesterday........ Daughter says there is oil on the floor like someone poured a quart down there..... Checked it out and it is oil but it is coming from behind the dash, and there is alot, enough in fact to puddle up on the floor and run down the driveway. There is even some on the drivers side carpet as well. I know it's not from the engine cause it's too clean.......lol Any thoughts? I'm thinking blower motor? This car has cost around a thousand bux the last three years and being that I got it for next to nothing, If the news is bad, I won't feel bad getting rid of it... plus the kid wants a newer one......who can blame her right? Thanks!
  20. Sorry guys, I completely forgot to update this thread with the fix. Turn out the computer was bad, it seems that it had been replaced before with an aftermarket one. The issue was (and this makes alot of sense) every sensor on the idle/ start run circuit being pugged in caused a voltage drop which would cause the no start condition. This explains why I could get the car to start and run with the air box out but not in or the tps unplugged and so on. The Caddy mechanic came through for me as the car has had no trouble since........ He also installed a non vats lock cylinder in the column and basically bypassed the system by basically leaving the security wire attached to the old cylinder and tucking it with the pellet key in it up under the dash.....make sense? He did it free of charge other than the new cylinder and keys because he kept getting stuck with waiting three minutes every time he touche the car.....lol
  21. If it was me I would use the WD, been using it on all things stick for years without any effect on plastics, rubber or vinys. Heck, I've even used it to clean glue off of linoleum floors
  22. Back to the tapdance and start/ stall trouble. Obviously my earlier result was just a false positive
  23. Installed the new ISC, followed the adjusment procedure, called a local trusted Caddy mechanic, made an appointment, retried the procedure and I've been starting the car every hour without any issues (knock on the genuine wood trim). Either I was missing something within the specified procedure or the thought of being touched by a strange mechanics hands scared it straight, either way, it seems to be good?
  24. Just got through checking the plugs which were slightly dirty..... cleaned and re gapped to no noticable effect. Gonna go exchange the isc as it was suggested that they can be bad out of the box.. Also going to see about renting a fuel pressure tester to eliminate the possibility of a bad/ failing fuel pump (regulator is fine, no bribble or smell of fuel) later
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