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-98 Eldo accessorie?

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Found an Eldo -98 that has a top rearend in vinyl and chrometrim across the roof that continues under the sidewindows and on the front wings to the very front of the car. Never seen this before. Is this an original option or? Can you tell me more about this?

Looks very nice and I´m considering a trade......

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It sounds like an aftermarket top that was dealer installed. A vinyl top was not available from the factory in 1998.

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I don't know much about the car actually. I bought it in Fl with 75,000 mi on it and then my daughter took it back to Fl when she moved there. She no longer has it. I know she really liked that car but the transmission quit working and she traded it off. I don't remember anything special about it.

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I think I know what your talking about. i always wondered what that "package" was officially called as I've seem Deville's with the same. I think when a Cadillac has the vinyl top is officially called a canopy top that goes from front to back. I've also seen (what we call on the streets as) half canopy tops that start in between the side windows. Then the one your talking about is the (what we call on the streets as) quarter canopy tops. that's the one with the extra chrome the runs down the side and across the top. I always assumed it was some kinda special package ie. "vintage package"





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Mid '70's idea and look.....it's called a landau roof. The #1 selling car in 1977....the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme had em. This one has the rare T tops.


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Can you please post a few pics showing off the spoiler.

I am trying to see if it is oem or not. I am thinking not?

I would love to entertain a spoiler on my 97 Deville and the back end of the Eldo is not that far off...


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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