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Hello.. I am located in Dallas Texas.. so needless to say, AC is near required, on top of the fact my deville is all black, with black leather interior.. anyways, have had a freon leak somewhere in the system and finally got around to having it checked. Well to my surprise I was quoted at 2,400 dollars to replace both my air compressor, and evaporator core. From what i read and understand, air compressor leak is not THAT uncommon.. but evaporator core? I have trouble even finding advice or similar stories with this particular problem. I own the service manual and see the engine needs to be dropped in order to replace. Is this something that goes out often? Anyway to test and see for myself? The man told me this car has both worst case scenarios for ac problems, so im curious.. Any help would be appreciated.. THANKS

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Have you pulled the codes on it?

If so post the codes here.

Have you taken it anywhere else to get a second and maybe a third opinion?

Before I dropped $2,400... I would want to be SURE that was what was needed.

I have had compressors leak at the "o" ring fittings... I have had them leak from the joints where the large metal lines connect...etc etc...

Just saying...MAKE SURE what you need before spending big money on it.

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The HR-6/HD-6 compressors in that vintage were "belly leakers". The case seals would leak due to corrosion in the aluminum end caps.

The compressor can be re-sealed but there are very few shops that do that anymore - most would rather replace the compressor.

The compressor is removed through the wheel well it is not that bad of a job (bad but not that bad...). The evaporator is a difficult job though. I would be absolutely sure the evaporator is bad before having it replaced. In the years I have been on this board, I can't recall any evaporator issues. That is not to say they don't occur though.

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They want to replace everything I guarantee.

I had a/c issues on my 2000 and most shops told me $1000 to replace the whole system because they all said its best to just replace the whole thing. I had used stop leak in it which i later learned is a no no so they assumed the system was plugged up. Well i fixed a bad sensor that was also leaking and refilled it and everything worked fine. I agree it maybe best to replace everything if 1 thing is bad but that would be like if you plan on keeping the car another 10 years. The head gaskets or tranny could go in a month then its a waste to throw that much in a old car. Just fix whats broke and get it goin again I say.

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