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1995 sedan deville problems after theft


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Someone tried to steal my caddy. they got in by busting the pasenger side door lock. then they busted open my steering column. but the anti theft system kept them from starting the car. My problem is, now that iv changed the steering colum got a new key cut to match my pass key resister with the key for the new colum, as soon as i connected the battery the dash lights come on even without the key in the ignition. it is just like the key is on all the time. and the car wont start, and the shifter wont come out of park. What do you think is wrong and how can i fix it?

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Sorry to hear about your car.

- didn't think they will steel such an old car. I'll have to keep a better eye on my '96!!

- would think by now these thieves would know that these cars can't be stolen with a screwdriver.

For your issue - goes without saying that the column either had a pre-existing condition, or something was not connected correctly (possibly a pinched wire?)

assuming you didn't have the "APPLY BRAKE TO SHIFT" option unset, when you step on the brake pedal, do you hear the click from the the saftey switch in the column?

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The way the key mechanism interlocks with the swicth is tricky, and apparently you got it wrong when you assembled the steering column. It's hard if you didn't take apart a working one.

The transmission won't shift out of Park unless the brake is depressed; the default is to show that message on the DIC but some people (including me) disable that by changing the override codes.

A FSM is best here. Perhaps someone with illustrations from a 1995 FSM?

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Ok guys. I figured out the problem. on the steering column, there is a rod that runs down to the ignition box. when you turn the key the rod moved up and down moving the contacts in the box. Well the screws holding the box to the column were loose!!! there for when the rod moved up or down the box moved with it.And it just so happened that it was moved to the position of on ignition. so the key was in the off position but the ignition was on cause of the box being moved. So anyway, i tightend up the bos with the key on the off position and "click" off went the ignition. So now everything is cool. the car started right up and the computer doesnt think its being stolen. this is the first time iv heard her run since the theft occured over a week ago. so you can imagine how happy i was. all i need to do now is change the week solenoid that locks and unlock the shifter.

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some people are terrible. I dont know how I could deal with something like that. I can barely handle someone breaking in, It feels like a complete violation of my personal space


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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