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wat would u do????????????

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well my mechanic said the tranny oil is burnt badly and that .. if he does a trans fluid exchange that it might make it worse... what do you thing i should do?... after the car heats up good the trans starts slipping and slamming into gear...

should i get the fluid exchange or ... get money for the tranny?

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Ugh, Dana, first, do us all a favor and keep all RELATED posts in single thread, right now, you are running at least 4 thread on the same subject.

Secondly, we told you NOT NOT NOT to do a fluid exchange NO NO NO..... NEVER NEVER NEVER.

Have a TRUST WORTHY, REPUTIBLE shop look at it, this might be a SIMPLE problem. AND, simply DRAIN, CHANGE THE FILTERS, SEAL and REFILL.

Since you are in the PHILA, area, I will give you a good shop, take you car to RUGGERIE GENERAL SALES CADILLAC, ask for GEORGE, tell him you know MIKE CONNOR from NY, son of JOE AND EMILY, who recommended them HIGHLY... They are the BEST.. and HONEST. Print this and take this to George or his daughter. George is the BEST..and he will level with you..if it needs an overhaul, and if he can not do the job for you economically, maybe he will recommend a good shop to you that will. Tell him I said hello, Mike

Here is their web site


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The first thing I would do is find the transmission dip stick and look at the transmission oil myself. On the dipstick, it should look pink or reddish-brown, and should smell like oil. If it smells like hot or burnt electronics or plastic, then changing the transmission oil probably won't help, particularly since you are reporting driveability problems that probably mean that some clutches or bands are already damaged or debris is obstructing some hydraulic passages or both.

I'm not the kind of guy who gives specific advice that means making a spending decision to someone online without seeing the car, and only one short post for information on the car. I would try to figure out why the transmission is giving trouble. The 4T80E is known as pretty much bulletproof. If it has had a solenoid problem or some such that could damage it for some time and you kept driving it, or if you towed an Airstream through the Catskills, that's the answer. If you don't have a clue, and the dipstick smell bears out what your mechanic tells you, ask your mechanic what caused the tranny to go bad.

You might look into the obvious alternatives:

  • Rebuild your current transmission. That's probably the best course of action if you know a reliable rebuilder who is comfortable with modern electronically-controlled transmissions like the 4T80E. Often this is the least expensive alternative. The warranty is usually a year or more and some rebuilders sell longer warranties.
  • Exchange for a rebuilt transmission. This is also low-risk if the vendor is reliable and is known not to cheap out its rebuilding parts and materials. And, the condition of your current transmission isn't a factor. Cost is often about the same as rebuilding your current transmission or a little more, and you may get a longer warranty.
  • Exchange for a remanufactured transmission. This is a little more expensive but the warranty is usually best, typically three years and sometimes longer.
Cadillac dealers usually charge more but it may be worth it for the GM warranty, which is often the life of the car for major items; ask your dealer for cost and warranty information there. Then, again, the price may be so high that you can't justify it for your purposes and plans for this car. If you do get a dealer to do it for you, find out where the transmission is coming from, i.e. a GM warehouse as opposed to an AAMCO down the street. "I don't know" means a cheap rebuild and a hefty markup.

Make sure that whoever works on the transmission has a good reputation for honoring warranties, not having too many comebacks, and flushes out the transmission oil cooler.

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OKAY: Time to kill this old wife's tale once and for all . . . draining the tranny fluid and replacing it with new fluid can do NO HARM at all. That said, neither will it likely solve any problems you're experiencing.

Pay VERY close attention to the valuable advice offered by Jim_97_ETC.

The most important thing is to find a reliable servicer. If you're close enough you'd be crazy not to go to the place BodybyFisher recommends so highly.



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Listen to everyone on here, No Flush, just drain and refill, even if you have to do it twice or even 3 times to clean the fluid... Flushes tend to loosen debris and make matters way worse.

Refill, replace the filter and drive the car... That will probably help you out.

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