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  1. Hey Jim thank you, and yes I have a site I can search. Any particular type you are looking for, they get pretty fancy (digital flex-head)? What drive? Are you open to Matco as well?
  2. SO 206FSUMA Socket, Metric, Universal, Shallow, 6-Point (6 pcs.) (10 to 17 mm) Retail $264... My price $190 SO RAT936 Set, Ratchet, Sealed Head, Combination Drive, (3 pcs.) Retail $309...my price $225 SO 212EFTAY Socket Driver, Hex, Standard, 1/4" - 3/8" Drive, 1/16"; to 3/8" (12 pcs.)<br /> Includes 1/4"; drive TMA2E thru TMA3.5E Hex Drivers plus 3/8" drive FA4E thru FA12E Hex Drivers Retail $231...my price $160 SO 208EPIT Impact Driver Includes PIT120 Impact Driver plus 7 socket drivers below (8 pcs.) in PB108A Plastic Box Retail $245... My price $170 TWO sets for price of 1 N
  3. This is my for sale thread, I'll post new items here often so always check back to see if there is something you need or want. Always open to offers.[/b Check my Feedback thread for customer reviews. SO SEPMG725K Impact Wrench, Air, Heavy Duty, Magnesium Housing, Standard Anvil, 1/2in drive (MG725)Set, Socket, Metric, Impact, Shallow, 6-Point (15 pcs.) (10 to 24 mm) (315IMMYA)Socket Set, Impact, Shallow, 6-Point, 11 pcs. (311IMYA) Retails for $900...my price $580 shipped and taxed SO SEPFAR7200K 3/8" Drive Air Ratchet and Socket Sets, 5-70 ft. lbs. and 260rpm. 3/8" drive metric
  4. I recently found a chrome oem rim from my old 01 sts in my basement. Send me offers. I don't need it anymore. Still has STS center cap. I'll post pics soon.
  5. hi Dana, long time since we have seen you, hope all is good, Mike Sorry for the late response. And yes I know its been forever it seems like. I've been extremely busy these past few years. But I still check in from time to time, just never post. Everything is going great though, even though I don't have my caddi anymore . Hows everything with you? Hows the forum going? I see somethings have changed a little.
  6. 956422D80A46 << Code Not sure how long its good for... I used it today 3/8/2012
  7. Belt looked fine, No foaming in the fluid.... Might have to let Caddy diagnose
  8. It wasn't leaking, if i remember correctly a bolt had snapped on it, that is welded to the rack. I believe that what is was... I will call them today and let you know the price... and I really am considering replacing the belt
  9. If it is a slipping belt, is it as easy as just changing the belt? And i believe it is also, the rack and pinon is less than a year old, the main power steering hose is less than a year old. I will try and find that Filter... do you know the name of it so i can price it?
  10. I will inspect the belt once again... I didn't notice anything such as cracks... The belt felt tight also... Look for a shiny finish, showing slipping, any oil, grease, wetness You have checked for codes right? Any whining or squealing? no codes related to steering I will double check the belt, and its condition... Might just replace to see if that is the problem I do get whining... sometimes when i am parking and the steering becomes to tight, i throw it in N and give it some gas and then turn the wheel i get a whining sound.... and very little when i turn
  11. I will inspect the belt once again... I didn't notice anything such as cracks... The belt felt tight also...
  12. Ok so, I'm still having the steering problem.... Sorry to respond so late, my time as to when I use the computer is very limited lately. When I put the car in neutral and gas-it (rev), the steering does become looser. Again if the car has been sitting for a few hours and has cooled off, it drives good for the first 10-15 min, then the steering becomes stiff, and feels as if there isn't any power steering at all at low RPMS Could this be the serp. belt?
  13. When I check the tension on the belt wat should I look for?
  14. Two days ago I noticed my power steering seems to oy work wen I'm accelerating (foot on gas). When I'm trying to park or at a traffic light it feels as if the wheel is locked! Are there any codes related to power steering or where would I begin to look? Thanks guys!
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