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  1. Here is some wiring information in addition to that in post #5. I would begin by having a look at the 50A IGN B fuse in the underhood fuse block. Absent any luck there it would likely be an ignition switch problem. It's unlikely you'll find a loose plug/socket or broken wire, but hope springs eternal. Regards, Warren
  2. Drinking and Riding: When Its Clear Its Time to Stay off The Motorcycle I am sharing an experience with you all, about drinking and riding. I recently had a break through. A couple of weeks ago, I was out for a few drinks with some motorcycle friends after a long day of riding. We were at a great Mexican restaurant in old downtown Sonora, CA and I had a few too many Margaritas. Knowing full well I was fully over my limit, I knew that riding the bike was out of the question. So I did something I've never done before .... I took a bus back to the hotel. Sure enough I passed a police road
  3. Texas Jim, I thought of you today when I saw this on an investment site: Warren
  4. That brought to mind a photo I recently stumbled over (again)
  5. Well it doesn't seem to make the news anymore these days, but the debt ceiling was raised again. Rick Santelli goes at it in today's video. Debt Ceiling 101, Santelli Sounds Off "In an effort to reach the angry mob, CNBC's Rick Santelli goes all Sesame Street on the numbers behind the US Debt Ceiling Rise. Focusing for two minutes on what this practically means for every man, woman, child, and politician, the shouting Chicagoan points out that when the US breaches this new limit then the world's entire population will be on the hook for $2,346 each (and $52,409 per US person)." If you'v
  6. Someone went to the trouble of putting those numbers in a YOUtube video. Very well done. "Uploaded by debtlimitusa on Nov 4, 2011 A satirical short film taking a look at the national debt and how it applies to just one family. Starring Brian Stepanek & Eddie Jemison, Produced by Seth William Meier, DP/Edited by Craig Evans, 1st AC Brian Andrews, Sound Mixer Gus Salazar, Written and Directed by Brian Stepanek."
  7. Can somebody tell me just exactly WHEN it will stop being Bush's fault. . . ?
  8. Here's something that might leave you thinking for a while . . . Beware: Corporate Psychopaths Still Occupy Positions of Power By Brian Basham, The Independent UK 31 December 11 "utlook: Over the years I've met my fair share of monsters – rogue individuals, for the most part. But as regulation in the UK and the US has loosened its restraints, the monsters have proliferated. In a paper recently published in the Journal of Business Ethics entitled "The Corporate Psychopaths: Theory of the Global Financial Crisis", Clive R Boddy identifies these people as psychopaths. "They are," he
  9. See attached. Trim Panel Replacement 99 Seville.doc
  10. Pretty much all of the developed western countries are in the same boat as is the U.S. We have no hope of paying our debts back with sound money. If the U.S. government's tax revenues were to double, we'd still be in deficit. Now THAT is scary! I don't know what the future holds, but a "return to normal" is not something I'd wager on. I don't think this can will be able to be kicked much further down the road. Regards, Warren
  11. Here's wishing everyone Happy (and trouble free) Holidays! Warren
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