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Hood ornament broke, is it possible to "glue back together?


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If so, what would you use? Is there an epoxy that would work?

Hey if you did glue that, every time you got into your car and drove it, you would know the thing that's staring at you is glued together. Something about a "glued together" car that doesn't set well with people like us. You know it. You don't want that feeling. Those don't cost that much to replace, just find a used one, there are plenty out there. These are nice cars, they are worth maintaining. Look, just be glad we don't have that trunk key flap any more to break off.

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Replace the hood ornament.... There is no "Glue" that will hold a broken one together. My Dad's gold hood ornament on his '94 Fleetwood broke - right at the base where the wire that holds it together attaches. Of course GM has discontinued the ornament but he found a "new old stock" one on ebay.

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