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  1. If so, what would you use? Is there an epoxy that would work?
  2. Does anyone know what other years will fit this car? Also I assume it is a 2 piece unit since there is a spring and you can bend it. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks
  3. I still haven't located the plug. I took off the air cleaner and see the fuel injector plug next to the trans fluid dipstick. I crawled partly under the car but could not see it. May have to get the car higher. Can you get at it from the top of the engine?
  4. I noticed on your post that you bought a lot of parts. Which ones would you say are necessary? Also, how long did it take? Where did you buy the parts, online or at a dealer? Would you do anything different? Thanks
  5. P0717 code. Where is the plug located? Hope that works!
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