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  1. No Im talking about the clearance from where the top of the tire would be (if left on) to the amount needed to "swing" the rear shock out.
  2. If you leave the wheel and tire on, it may not give you enough clearance to get the rear shocks out.
  3. The outer tie rod end can most certainly cause a vibration, do the 3 and 9 oclock procedure with the car jacked up and that will tell u if the tie rods are bad. I had a problem with my rack and pinion recently and ur problem is not the rack, it sounds like the outer tie rods, easy to replace. >>> TEXT EDITED OUT BY MODERATOR, PLEASE DO NOT CALL OTHER MEMBERS NAMES, EVEN IF THEY TAUNT OR HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION, THANKS, BBF<<<
  4. Well today I replaced my rack and pinion on my deville. The job took about five hours and was not as bad as I thought. The problem I was having is fixed and now I just have to get it aligned. Do I havet to get it alogned at a GM dealer or can anyone do the job???
  5. My brother has a 93 seville and a part of his frint end is extremely loose. He sent me a picture of the part and I matched it to a haynes manual and it identifies the part as a "Brake Reaction Rod" which I have never heard of. Does anyone know of this part and where the heck can I buy one. gmpartsdirect does not have this part listed. Thanks
  6. Once you have access to the ballast check to see if you can buy a standard ballast on ebay, I was able to buy my replacement ballast for around $30.00 Since mine are aftermarket they could very well be a different ballast. Worth checking into. You shoud be able to access your lower lights by reaching from underneath the car and not removing too many panels. It should be a standard bulb as well.
  7. Dido what Jim said, I upgraded my halogen to HID and had a ballast go bad, I didnt realize it was the ballast until I already replaced the bulb. Swap the headlight to the opposite side to make sure its the bulb, this will save u time money and most important aggervation!!!!!!!
  8. I am not sure why that posted 3 times, If you have that document downloaded, can you email it to me??
  9. I am not familiar with torrents. I googled it and tried to open a link and it opened my limewire, but couldnt find it. Any suggestions.
  10. On previous posts I mentioned that my 02 Deville with 35K has a bad rack and pinion. I had purchased a reman R&P on ebay for 175 with a 60 core. I am considering doing the job myself to save myself hundreds of dollars. The part came with detailed instructions on how to replace a rack, not specific to my car though. I am considering going to advance and buying the haynes manual to get a little more detailed instruction with a few pictures to do the job. Any thoughts or suggestions????
  11. Texas Jim, How do you differentiate the Performance sedans from the stndard. Is the only exterior difference the wheels? I have a difficult time figuring this out.
  12. It sounds like you have a bad ground somewhere. Im sure others will chime in on this, but I would start with the ground.
  13. Is it possible the rack went bad from doing more sitting in a garage than driving, and the seals dried out or something???? I dont know too much about the rack.
  14. I bought the car about six weeks ago, but I bought it off a friend of mine who bought the car new. He told me the car had a wobble at 60 mph, and he had that fixed at the dealer before I took delivery of it, he probably assumed it was the same issue. That problem was with the vogue tires.
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