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Passive struts for 94STS

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Hi there

I intend to replace my electronic road sensing struts and shocks on my 94 STS with passive ones and merely reprogram my OBC to eliminate the Service Suspension message which is possible with this model year.

While Monroe makes Max Air Lift shocks for the rear I can not find passive struts for the front end. Does anyone know of a manufacturer of these?

Many thanks,


PS Gabriele does have passive struts for the STS but only for more recent years.

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Watching the dialogs here seems to point to Arnott as a good choice. I used AC Delco passives myself. Installation went smoothly - but the ride is a tad stiff - particularly in the front.

If you have the secret to killing the message via programming, please share it with me - I haven't run across it yet.


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The two leading contenders around here are:




I chose Boston Suspension because there was no ambiguity about their ability to supress the DIC message.

I chose the "Luxury Ride" option and found them pleasing; neither too stiff nor too spongy. Mama bear would say they're just right. YMMV.



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JACK................There is a post or thread around here using a 50

ohm resistor(s) wired into the etectric strut plug to defeat the

SSS light. I used this method to defeat the SSS light on my 96


I think Maydog used this method also....................geo

EDIT: Go to the 1st page at this site. Go to the How to/FAQ section.

There are pinned articles on front suspension and how to turn off

the SSS light along with part #s and pics too................ :)

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Resistors will NOT work on a 94, they have only had success on the CVRSS systen, not the SSS system. This is why Boston is having troubles with their systems, they found a How-To on the net and instantly tried to apply it to all different years of vehicles - obviously without a lot of testing.

..those were 12 ohm 50 watt resistors that I used.

I think a few people have had success with substituting an inductive load in place of the strut actuator. You may have luck using a fuel injector, or a large choke coil used in speaker system crossovers.


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Well, I have BOSTON a week old and have the codes. Sent new Parts but BOSTON told me in an e mail to but Arnott, SO I did. Get them in 5 days.

Yep, must be having trouble with the "Conductors" I was not all that hip about Chopping up my car. Plus look at ARNOTT's Family History and downloadable install instructions with pictures and all. Very neat!

Mike C

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Your Caddy Dealer can reprogram the OBC to eliminate the Service Suspension message on models up to 1996. If your car was built in 1996 or before all you need to do is purchase and install passive struts and air shocks and than visit a Caddy Dealer who will deal with getting rid of the message for about 100.00. By doing so you will save the money you would have to shell out for Boston or Arnott kits with which you can still get an Sevice Suspension when something like a road condition sensor fails which you would have to relpace (even though you would no longer need it) to rid yourself of the message.

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