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  1. significant other had flshers turned partially on problem solved
  2. after a new battery turn and brake lights not working any advice
  3. thanks guys a buddy came by and he got it open i dont know how more freezing rain and snow tonight so might have same prob tomorrow by the way my other cad went back in the shop had low coolant message crack ine side rad tank plus the fan motor dropped its fan this will be the 3rd one its a never ending battle
  4. thanks but dont have a cordless one
  5. your thoughts on how to unfreeze would be nice
  7. try as i might i cant post pics from photo bucket
  8. IT WAS THE FRONT MOTOR MOUNT THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE took them a week to figure it out because it was a once in awhile problem
  9. then it quit and burned up well 300 dollars later all was great for a while like one day then it started rubbing again brought it back to shop told them possible defective mount they said no must be new fan motor any way they pulled the new motor out checked it out all was fine as they were putting it back together they finally saw movement in the front mount that mount was the cause of the fan rubbing and then burning out they were nice they are splitting the price of the mount and labor go figure
  10. just a tip make sure you torque the brackets to specs otherwise the bolts may back out
  11. looking at the pictures some are 2 wire and some 3